Adrea is a minor character appearing in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.



Adrea wore an orange hat, an orange shirt with a pale yellow sweater, a blue skirt, and pale pink boots. She also wore a wristwatch.


This girl always seems to be laughing at someone.

Some say Adrea inherited her cruel sense of humor from her grandmother, Agnes.

Oddly enough, Adrea is good friends with Lucy, who is as kind as they come.



Professor Layton and the Curious VillageEdit

Chapter 2 The Fugitive FelineEdit

She appeared just outside the restaurant on Park Road, mainly laughing at Pauly. Professor Layton found her to be very impolite and unhelpful, and ignored her when she told them that Lady Dahlia was using him and Luke so she could have the Golden Apple for herself.

Chapter 9: The Tower's SecretEdit

Adrea was one of the residents woken up by the destruction of the tower, and crowded around Layton and Luke while they waited for Flora to wake up.


She, like other residents of St. Mystere, gave Layton and Luke puzzles on their adventure. The puzzles that are given by her are "Puzzled Aliens" and "Which Job?".

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