Albert is a character appearing in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.



Albert wore large glasses and a red sweater over a white shirt, with black shorts and red shoes.


Albert is a friendly boy. He is always eager to help out anyone unfamiliar with Dropstone, and will usually tell them trivia about the village.



Chapter 2: The Country Village of DropstoneEdit

During their time in Dropstone, Professor Layton, Luke and Flora encountered Albert in front of the town hall. Layton asked him about the Elysian Box, to which he said that he had never heard of, and also admitted not knowing much about Dropstone's founding. He then explained that the older residents of Dropstone were very quiet about the town's beginnings, and that they had a phobia of curses and apparitions.


Albert gave Layton and Luke a single puzzle during their excursion around Dropstone. This puzzle was "Boys Club."



Albert believes himself to be an expert on all things Dropstone, but he hasn't caught on to the truth behind Dropstone's beginnings. Albert dreams of one day becoming a teacher, or a professional Dropstone trivia nerd.

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