Aldus is a recurring character who appears in the prequel trilogy of the Professor Layton series. He replaces Stachenscarfen as the hint coin demonstrator.



Aldus wore a pink jacket over a white shirt with a purple tie, and white pants, held by a green belt.


Last SpecterEdit

Aldus is a mild-mannered man whose excessively friendly attitude seems to draw only suspicion.

Constantly encroaching on others' personal space, he is the bane of tourists in the area.

An obsessive hoarder, he stashes his treasure in a hidden wooden box.

Miracle MaskEdit

Aldus is a mild-mannered man whose excessively friendly attitude seems to draw only suspicion. He frequently anticipates Layton's next destination and pops up to give him advice, only to quickly run off again. He's crazy about wooden boxes and takes one with him everywhere he goes...supposedly.


Azran Legacy

An unsettlingly friendly and mild-mannered gentleman who frequently anticipates Layton's next destination, popping up to give him advice, only to run off again. He is rumoured to take his favourite wooden box with him wherever he goes.

Plot Edit


Professor Layton and the Last SpecterEdit

Chapter 1: The Fog of MisthalleryEdit

Upon arriving in Misthallery to meet Clark Triton, Professor Layton and Emmy found themselves face to face with Aldus, who pointed them in the right direction as to where to find Clark's home. Before leaving, Aldus told the two what hint coins are, and explained how to find one.

Chapter 3: The Specter AppearsEdit

Later on, Aldus appeared on Great Ely Street and told Layton and his companions to tap a near by pipe ten times. In doing so gave them a strange old fossil. Aldus told them to start a collection with it, adding the Collection minigame to the professor's trunk.

Professor Layton and the Miracle MaskEdit

Close to the beginning of the game, Aldus appears in Celebration Boulevard to explain to the Professor about hint coins. He tells you to find a wooden box, and you can't find it without zooming in, and he explains how. Layton opens the box and finds a hint coin.

Aldus's next significant appearance was in Knick Knack Alley, where you had to zoom in to find him. There, he tells you to look in the metal box near the small building, and there the Professor finds a Stylish Clay Pot. Aldus then gives Layton the Collecion Box, for an extra add-on to the investigation.

He appears again when the player has completed the story, telling them how to go back to Stansbury or Monte d'Or, and how to alternate between day and night via the Dromedary hotel room and Hershel's room at Riverside Cottage.


Last Specter Edit

In Last Specter, Aldus gives Professor Layton two puzzles during his adventures throughout Misthallery. He gives him the puzzles "Moonlight Melancholy" and "Bouquet Giveaway."

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