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Aleks Lipski is a character appearing in Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy. He is a pâtissier in London.



Aleks is a short man with light skin and red hair. He and his twin, Hans Lipski, are often mistaken for each other due to their identical appearances.

Aleks wears glasses and is always dressed appropriately for his work in a white coat and tall white hat. He can often be seen licking his lips.


Aleks shares a strong bond with his brother Hans. He is also cheerful and welcoming towards his customers.


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Early life[]

Aleks owned a pâtisserie on Chancer Lane in London. He came to be very skilled at making cakes which looked like perfect replicas of other objects, such as teddy bears, clocks, and flowers. Though his brother Hans worked as a serviceman for the clock in Elizabeth Tower, the pair talked often and found time to spend together.

Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy[]

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The Hand That Feeds[]

When Aleks was 27 years old, his brother Hans dropped one of the Big Ben clock hands he was working with, breaking it. Hans came to his brother for help, since an ambassador would soon visit London and inevitably notice the missing clock hand. Aleks worked with Hans to design a temporary replacement hand made of wafer, then tore up the sketch and threw it away. He made the giant confection and Hans put in place.

Unfortunately, the wafer would dissolve in the rain late one night, alerting everyone in London that the clock hand was missing in the morning. When Katrielle Layton visited the pâtisserie, Aleks pretended to know nothing about it, mentioning only that his brother was very worried about the missing hand. Layton ordered some profiteroles, and when Aleks went into his kitchen to make them, she found his discarded sketch in the waste basket.

Layton confronted the brothers, having figured out what they had done. Instead of berating them, however, she suggested that Aleks make another wafer hand to present to the ambassador. In the end, Ambassador Fouxdufàfà was charmed by the creation.

Murder on the Thames[]

After Vic & Tim had fallen into the Thames river, Aleks received an order from Vic's family, who were regular customers of his shop. When he delivered the profiteroles, he noted that the family seemed to be acting normally even though their daughter was missing.

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  • Puzzle #143: Amazing Breakout 2


  • His name sounds like "licks lips", which he can often be seen doing.
  • Aleks and Hans may be immigrants from eastern Europe, since they speak with accents and refer to each other as "bratsy". The suffix "ski" is common among Slavic surnames.