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"What's the point in fun if it's not going to earn you any cash?"
— Alphonse Dalston, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

Alphonse Dalston is a major character from Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. In the past, he went to high school with Professor Layton, Randall Ascot, Angela, and Henry Ledore. Nowadays he lives in a giant Chateau.



As a child, Alphonse wore a light blue shirt with a dog logo on it, dark blue shorts, and dark blue shoes.

As an adult, Alphonse had dark green/brown hair pulled back into a small spike. He also has a stylish mustache. He wore a light blue shirt with a red tie and dungarees. On his feet, he wore plum-colored shoes.


Alphonse appeared rough and reserved and selfish, but in reality was very kind and caring towards his friends. As a child he used to often spend time with Randall Ascot, but since Layton arrived in Stansbury Alphonse was quite cold towards the latter. Layton guessed it was due to jealousy of his and Randall's newfound adventures. Alphonse has always had a great fondness for animals, and now owns a pet dog and often visits the nearby One-Ring Circus to give treats to Maurice, a performing tiger, whom he has a soft spot for.

Plot Edit


Pre-Game Life Edit

As a child, Dalston lived in Stansbury, a small village where ‘everyone knew everyone else’. He became friends with Randall Ascot and Angela. However, Dalston started hanging out with them less and less after Hershel Layton moved to the village. Hershel became fast friends with Randall, and believed Dalston was giving him the cold shoulder due to Randall being his best friend before Hershel moved.

Chapter 2: The Secret Of Norwell Edit

Hershel and Randall bumped into Dalston after finishing school one day. Randall told him his plans for the night, and Dalston mocked them, claiming that his dream of owning hotels was much more mature. That night, he saw Hershel walking to Ascot House, and challenged him to a puzzle before telling him that Henry Ledore, butler to the Ascot family, had been doing some shopping.

After Randall’s death, he told Hershel to stop blaming himself, as he considered the entire tragedy to be Randall’s fault.

Chapter 3: Discord In Monte d’Or Edit

In the present day, Professor Layton, Luke Triton and Emmy Altava visited the city of Monte d'Or to investigate a villain known as the Masked Gentleman. There, a grown-up Angela told them about a power struggle between Dalston and her husband Henry. Angela told them that only Henry and Dalston were receiving advance warnings from the Masked Gentleman. Layton decided to go to Dalston Mansion to gather more clues. There, he learnt that Dalston had gotten himself a dog, and had succeeded in his dream of becoming a hotel owner. Dalston claimed that the Masked Gentleman‘s crimes were as bad for his business as they were for Henry’s, and he explained how he suspected Angela of being behind the events, wanting revenge on Henry for Randall‘s death. Layton then received a warning letter from the Masked Gentleman.

Still suspicious, Layton continued his investigation. The situation changed when he, Luke and Emmy visited the One-Ring Circus. They learnt that Dalston couldn’t have been responsible for the petrification incident, as he was at the circus all night playing with the tiger, Maurice. Dalston attended the levitation miracle that night, but was unfortunately arrested under suspicion of aiding the Masked Gentleman. Layton pleaded Dalston’s innocence, but he couldn’t prove it, as his only witness was a tiger. Dalston believed that Henry had set him up.

Chapter 5: On The Gentleman’s Trail Edit

Layton, Luke and Emmy were present for Dalston’s interrogation. Chief Inspector Sheffield claimed that Dalston was responsible for the Gentleman’s actions because he was the only person in town with a private chariot, which would have been provided to the Gentleman for the petrification miracle. Dalston argued that the criminal could have stolen a chariot from the Racetrack, but Sheffield claimed that he had already considered that possibility and investigated the racetrack, but there had been no reports of stolen chariots. Despite this, Layton went to investigate the racetrack, hoping that there may be some clues there to prove Dalston’s innocence.

Chapter 7: The Reunion Inn Edit

After the Masked Gentleman made a reappearance in Pumpkin Park, the police conceded that Dalston must be innocent, and he was released. Layton and company visited him, and he thanked them for helping him. He told them that if they needed any help, he would do all he could to assist them. Unbeknownst to him, however, he had already given Layton his first clue, as he words ‘in the dark’ helped Layton realise how the Pumpkin Park incident was pulled off.

Chapter 8: The Final Miracle Edit

Like Angela and Henry, Dalston was shocked upon learning that the Masked Gentleman was really Randall. After Randall released a sandstorm on Monte d’Or, Dalston formed a temporary truce with Henry in order to tell Randall how his accusations towards Henry were incorrect. After the city was saved, Dalston was present at the gallery plaza as Layton unmasked Jean Descole as being behind the Masked Gentleman’s crimes, and explained to Randall how everything Descole had told him had been a lie, and how Henry hadn’t stolen anything from him, but was rather keeping everything safe until his return. During the credits, Dalston was seen crying tears of joy upon seeing Randall again.


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Trivia Edit

  • In the British version of the game Dalston has a northern accent, while in the US version his accent is upper class instead. It is unknown why this change was made.
  • Takuzo Nagano, Character Designed, confirmed in The World of Professor Layton that Dalston was based off Biff Tannen from the Back to the Future movie franchise.

Images Edit



US Version

A Monte d'Or tycoon, Dalston is a tender animal lover at heart. He has difficulty expressing himself, and many people unfairly think that he only cares about money. All he really wants is a hotel of his own and a life he can be proud of when he's old and gray.

UK Version

A Monte d'or tycoon, Dalston is a tender animal lover at heart, but his difficulty in expressing himself openly often has him unfairly judged as an unfeeling money grabber. His dream of having a hotel of his own fulfilled, he will be proud of the life he has lived when he's old and grey.


US Version

As the rebel of the pack, Dalston often speaks his mind and tends to give a bad first impression...although he would never hurt a fly. Rather than inherit his father's empire, he aspires to become an astute businessman with his own hotel. His stern and rugged face reflects his no-nonsense manner.

UK Version

As the rebel of the pack, Dalston often speaks his mind and tends to give a bad first impression, but he would never hurt a fly. Rather than inherit his father's household, he aspires to become an astute businessman with his own hotel. His stern and rugged face reflects his no-nonsense manner.

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