Amelie Chelmey (née Grosky) is a minor character in Professor Layton and the Curious Village. She is Inspector Chelmey's wife. She also appears in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, where she is shown to be Inspector Grosky's younger sister.



Amelie has dark gray hair and black eyes. She wears a cream-colored dress as well as turquoise and faded maroon shoes. She also carries a purse in that same faded maroon color and wears pearl earrings.


Azran LegacyEdit

Amelie may be Inspector Grosky's sister, but their personalities could not be any more different. She is a kind and loving wife to Inspector Chelmey, and knows just what kind of cake to bake to lift him out of a funk. Whenever he is a storm cloud, she is the ray of sunshine that breaks through.



Chapter 5: The Hunt BeginsEdit

A picture of Amelie is found in a newspaper in when Professor Layton and Luke were exploring St. Mystere. The newspaper had an article about a case solved by Inspector Chelmey, her husband. She is pictured in the bottom left with Chelmey, holding a tray of potato fritters, Chelmey's favorite food.

Chapter 8: The Shadowy IntruderEdit

Her name is a vital piece of information, as when 'Chelmey' accuses Layton of Simon's murder at Reinhold Manor, Chelmey refers to his wife as being called Amy. Layton realises that Chelmey is an impostor, and the man takes off his disguise and turns out to be Don Paolo.



  • In Unwound Future, Barton says that he has never seen a man more in love with his wife than Chelmey.
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