Anita is a minor character in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.



Anita wore a blue cap over her long purple hair. She wore a light blue shirt with a dark blue jacket, and white pants. She also wore a white scarf and a necklace.


Anita is the owner of the café on Midland Road.

She manages the café on her own, though she rarely has any customers apart from her regular, Alfie.

Even so, her delectable ham sandwiches are famous throughout town.



Chapter 1: Is This the Future?Edit

When Professor Layton and Luke first arrived in the future London, they ducked in Anita's café for refuge. Anita told Layton that he should take his hat off if he wanted to stay out of trouble, and refused to elaborate on why.

Epilogue: An Unwound FutureEdit

Anita was evacuated out of Future London via the clock shop by Inspector Chelmey and Barton to the real London, escaping the destruction of the fortress when it fell back into Future London and exploded.


Anita, like other residents of Future London, gave Layton and co. a puzzle or two on their adventure. The puzzles she gave them were "Carrying Glasses" and "Lunchtime"

  • Anita's profile in the Unwound/Lost Future.
  • My 8-bit version of Anita.
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