Archibald is a minor character appearing in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.



Archibald wore a long brown t-shirt with white horizontal stripes, and black pants. He also wore glasses.



Archibald was orginally created to be a friend for the baron.

The baron was so close to him that he left him his desk, which contains a clue to finding the Golden Apple.

The apple of his eye is his granddaughter Lucy.



Chapter 5: The Hunt BeginsEdit

When Professor Layton and Luke start asking people around St. Mystere about their relationships with the baron in order to find his close friend, Archibald overheard them asking Giuseppe, and told them that he was the man they were looking for.

After solving a puzzle, Archibald took them to his house, showing them the desk he had inherited from the baron. They examine it to find a piece of paper in one of the drawers bearing a square with a small X marked near the middle.

Chapter 9: The Tower's SecretEdit

Archibald also was one of the residents who crowded around Flora, having been woken up by the destruction of the tower, waiting for her to wake up.


When talked to, Archibald emits a deep sound, however there is an error, where if one talks to Archibald BEFORE examining Gus' desk, then he emits a sound similar to that of Professor Layton's.


Archibald gave Layton two puzzles. The puzzles were "Laziest Man on Earth" and "How Old is Dad?".

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