Art is a minor character in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.



Art wore a builder's orange helmet, with a white tank top, green pants, and a light blue scarf.



Art is an architect who's working single-handedly to reclaim the future Midland Road.

Thanks to his efforts, the street has become a sunnier and more pleasant place to be.

He is a real pro who'll turn his hand to anything



Chapter 1: Is This the Future?Edit

Art was the first person Professor Layton and Luke met when they arrived in the future London. They asked him how he managed to set up scaffolding for his work so quicky, to which he said that he's been working by the clock shop for about a year.

Epilogue: An Unwound FutureEdit

He was evacuated out of Future London by Inspector Chelmey and Barton via the clock shop, so he managed to escape the destruction of the fortress when it exploded along with Future London's other residents.


Art is found at the clock shop front in the northwest side of Future London. He offers a few puzzles, of which include various wood cutout puzzles. These puzzles are "Making the Cut" and "Making Another Cut" and "Double Digits".
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