Artie is a character in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. He is the manager of the Montsarton Gallery.



Artie wears a green suit with a red tie. He has a big nose and a round body. His hair style is combed over and his hair is colored blue.


US Version

Montsarton Gallery's curator loves pizza nearly as much as he does fine art. In fact, Artie is so fond of cheese that he eats while patrolling the halls. Visitors enjoy the art...but aren't so fond of the aroma!

UK Version

Montsarton Gallery's curator has almost as much love for pizza as he does for fine art. In fact, Beaufort's so fond of his formaggios that he insists on eating while patrolling the halls. The gallery's visitors appreciate the art, but they aren't so fond of the aroma!

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