Aunt Taffy is a minor character in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.



Taffy wore a black shirt with a light blue skirt, black and pink striped tights, and black shoes. She also wore a black had with a pink bow that resembled a candy wrapper, and a light pink scarf.



Chapter 4 The Shadowy ManipulatorEdit

When Professor Layton, Emmy and Luke decided to go to the market to inquire about the black market, they met Aunt Taffy just outside the main marketplace at her candy stall. She offered to sell to Luke, but refused service to Emmy, and chided her for being childish.

During the Black Raven chase, Tweeds, taking advantage of his disguise, stole a lollipop from Aunt Taffy's stall. However, a tear in the disguise's cloak is what exposed the Ravens' cover, as Layton saw Tweeds with his lollipop. Tweeds later had a lecture from Crow about using his Raven membership that way.

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During their time in the marketplace, Professor Layton's group are given multiple puzzles by Aunt Taffy. These puzzles include "Candy Counter" and "Sweet Sums".


  • Although her biography tells she makes no exceptions on who to give candy to, she has given out candy to adults on two occasions. While the first one was forced by her brother and she was mad at him, the second time she gave it to Emmy Altava because she promised to her that if she runs around the market in under a minute, she will finally get candy. Impressed by the action and noting that an adult normally wouldn't do something like that, she gives Emmy candy who happily eats it.



Taffy is a little old lady who sells sweets, though sweet she is anything but. She has a policy of handing her lovingly made confectionery only to children and makes no exceptions. They say to get one taste of her sweets is to experience a moment of pure bliss.

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