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The portrait of the late Baron Reinhold.

Baron Augustus Reinhold is a character appearing in Professor Layton and the Curious Village. He died, however, before the events of the game transpired. He has a large stature and a big bushy beard. He, though, is quite a perplexing individual as he was very intelligent and quite kind. Layton even makes a quip as to how he wanted to meet the baron before his untimely demise.

In game

Baron does not actually appear in the game itself. He is, however, frequently referenced and talked about. He is refered to as the Late Baron Reinhold many a time in the game. Throughout the game's storyline, Layton and Luke go to the Reinhold Manor many times. It is in this building Baron Reinhold's family is pondering about the treasure he left behind.

A Loving Father

Baron Reinhold loved his daughter, Flora, very much so. He believed that to keep her safe he must build a village to protect her. He set out with one of his good and long-time friends named Bruno. Bruno had experience building and constructing machines. It was this expertise that got him hired to build the reidendts of this fair city. After all, the heart of a town is the people in it. A small bit west of Reinhold Manor, a small village emerged. It's name was St. Mystere. Some time in the game, a little girl is found a few times. She is, in fact, revealed as Flora, the late baron's only daughter.


Flora knew everything about the city, but possibly that all of the residents of St. Mystere. The baron wanted to hide some fo the terrible outside world from Flora until one day, when a man who could raise her properly. The person he was looking for not only had to be smart enough to pass through the riddles set before them, but also had to make Flora smile again. Flora found Layton, who passed each test he was given, as well as even saving Flora's life.

The Golden Apple, Herself

Near the end of the game, Layton saves Flora's life when Don Paolo uses some sort of flying apparatus to destroy the looming tower above St. Mystere, where Flora had been staying the whole time. Layton builds a glider and they flee the tower, but just barely. A birthmark of an apple then appears on the bottom of Flrora's neck. This was the key to unlocking the door to Baron Reinhold's lost treasure inside of the manor. Baron Reinhold talks to Layton as he is pondering whether to take this treasure or not. Reinhold states that taking the money will result in shutting everything in town down. That included the villagers that Flora held so dear.Reinhold wanted Layton to shut the book on St. Mystere forever, but Layton refused and wanted Flora to make the decision. With her kind heart, Flora decided to keep the village at bay and not take the secret Reinhold treasure.Then Flora leaves St. Mystere with Layton and Luke inthe Laytonmobile, saddened.



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