Baron Augustus Reinhold is a character appearing in Professor Layton and the Curious Village. He died before the events of the game, but he has a major effect on what occurs during it. He has a large stature and bushy beard. He was very intelligent and quite kind, going to great lengths to protect his daughter, Flora. Layton even makes a quip as to how he wanted to meet the baron before his untimely demise.


Professor Layton and the Curious Village

A Loving Father

Baron Reinhold loved his daughter Flora very much. Knowing that his time was running out, he decided to build a village to protect her from the outside world until she could be raised properly. Along with his long-time friend Bruno, who had experience building and constructing machines, he began his work. They built the town of St. Mystere and its residents. The robots that populated the town were built to be puzzle enthusiasts in order to test anyone who came there. The person he was looking for to take care of Flora did not only need to be smart enough to pass through the riddles set before them, however, but he also had to be able to make Flora smile again.

The Golden Apple

During their time in St. Mystere, Layton and Luke encounter a mysterious girl multiple times. This girl is later revealed to be Flora, the Baron's daughter.

Near the end of the game, after making his way through the Baron's puzzles, Layton saves Flora's life when Don Paolo uses his flying machine to destroy the looming tower above St. Mystere. Layton, Luke, and Flora barely escape the tower in a makeshift glider. After they make it to the ground, Flora laughs, causing an apple-shaped birthmark to appear on her neck, revealing the location of the Baron's treasure.

When Layton makes it to the treasure room in Reinhold Manor, the recorded voice of Baron Reinhold states that taking the money will result in shutting everything in the town down, including the villagers. The baron wanted Layton to shut the book on St. Mystere forever, but Layton wanted Flora to make the decision. With her kind heart, Flora decided not take the secret Reinhold treasure and leave the village as it is, as thanks for what the villagers did for her.



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