Beatrice is a minor character in Professor Layton and the Curious Village. She owned the inn of St. Mystere.



Beatrice had short brown hair and black eyes. She wore a pale orange sleeveless top, a blue skirt, dark pink socks, gray pumps, and a pearl necklace.


Beatrice manages the town's inn.

She's a kind lady, but she tends to fall head over heels for every man she meets.

She claims she's outgrown her wild man-chasing, but robots don't really grow.

Mothers, hide your sons!



Professor Layton and the Curious VillageEdit

Chapter Two: The Fugitive FelineEdit

Professor Layton and Luke decided whilst chasing Claudia that it would be best if they checked in at the local inn. They spoke to Beatrice, who explained that unfortunately, the guest rooms were being remodeled, so Layton and Luke had to stay in the attic. Beatrice gives them the Inn minigame.

Chapter Four: Night FallsEdit

Beatrice held onto Gerard's watch at the inn, and gave it to Layton and Luke when they asked for it so they could give it to him.

Chapter Five: The Hunt BeginsEdit

She told Layton and Luke, once they had woken up and come downstairs, that Inspector Chelmey had phoned, and had requested their presence at Reinhold Manor.

Later, she asked Layton and Luke if they could find the man who didn't pay his bill for his stay at the inn.


Beatrice gave Layton and Luke two puzzles during the course of the game. These were "Of Dust and Dustpan" and "The Odd Sandwich".

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