Ben is a dog belonging to Simon Light's family. He is known to move objects back into their proper places after they have been moved.



Ben is a fluffy white and yellow dog with short legs and floppy ears. His eyes are obscured by his fur.


Though he moves rather slowly, Ben is a scrupulous dog who often moves objects into their proper places. He seems unconcerned when three members of his master's family go missing. When Sherl tries to talk to him to find out what he knows about the disappearances, Ben ignores him and lays down.



While investigating the disappearance of Simon Light's wife and daughters in his home, Katrielle Layton, Ernest Greeves, and Sherl observe Ben as he carries a slipper in his mouth to put it away. Simon explains that Ben often tidies objects away where they belong. Katrielle later discovers that the missing people fell down a secret chute in the floor which is covered by a rug. Simon did not notice the chute because Ben had moved the rug back into place afterward.

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