Bingo, nicknamed Bing by his girlfriend Goldie Potsby-Mahn, was the dog-like man Potsby-Mahn started dating after the death of her husband.



Bingo had started dating Goldie Potsby-Mahn after the death of her fourth husband, Jack Potsby. He acted like a pet to her as he only seemed to communicate with others by making dog sounds and she bought him a collar to wear and a chain for her to hold.

When Potsby-Mahn was asked by Inspector Alfendi Layton to help with the investigation, she brought Bingo with her. Lucy Baker was surprised at Bingo wearing a collar but Potsby-Mahn told them they had no right to interfere with how she treated Bingo. Alfendi complied to her but requested she had Bingo leave since he was an unrelated third party to he case and they didn't want this kind of information to be revealed yet. Potsby-Mahn initially refused as the two of them apparently don't have any secrets to hide but ultimately ordered Bingo to go home and wait for her under the porch.

Later on, when Potsby-Mahn was brought in for questioning, she brought Bingo with her again. Like beforehand, Alfendi asked her to have Bingo leave, only this time she complied quickly and ordered Bingo to wait for her in the car as the trunk was open. She asked them why she was brought in here as around that time, she was supposed to walk in the park with Bingo. After being questioned more, Potsby-Mahn was being suspected of killing her husband and demanded to see her lawyer.

Once Potsby-Mahn admitted everything about the crime, she was convicted and placed in a prison cell. Bingo watched over her by the window as she sighed over her predicament.


  • His name comes from the dog in the folk song.
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