Bloom Burst (おはなみガーデン - lit. Flower watching garden), called Blooms & Shrooms in the British version, is a minigame in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. The objective of the game is to give enough "energy" to the trees so they can bloom. This can be done by placing flowers on the board which give off this energy in specific patterns. Flowers will only give off energy if they are placed on the starting spot, or are in the energy zone of another flower. The field also contains poisonous mushrooms, which give of poisonous gasses when energized, so this should be avoided.

Different colors of flowers will give off energy in different formats:

  • Blue gives energy only horizontally (4 spaces each side)
  • Purple gives energy only vertically (4 spaces each side)
  • Yellow gives energy both horizontally and vertically (2 spaces each side)
  • Red gives energy in all directions, including diagonally (1 space each side)


There are 10 gardens in total, each having their own theme and level of difficulty.

# Name Description Given By
1 Victorian Terrace A small yet elegant spot for familiarising oneself with flowers.
2 Lily Lake A conceptual garden, the product of an esoteric mind.
3 Wonderland A rabbit-filled garden straight from the pages of a children's book.
4 Tropical Turf An oasis of calm built as an oil magnate's man-made paradise.
5 Wiltswood A patch of forest where research into toxic mushrooms takes place.
6 Gravestone Grove The eerie site of an adandoned and purportedly haunted theme park.
7 Submerged Glade A lost garden that sunk beneath the ocean millions of years ago.
8 Froenhage Gardeners wrested this patch of land from the cruel clutch of winter.
9 Igneous Ridge Hot enough to fry an egg, this garden holds out against all odds.
10 Arcadia This ancient castle withstood great armies but fell to time.


  • Several of the gardens resemble locations found in the game: Lily Lake for Phong Gi, Tropical Turf for San Grio, Wiltswood forMosinnia, Froenhage for Froenborg, and Arcadia for Azran.
  • The Wonderland garden is based off Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland.
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