Bray Clegg was a stagehand who was in charge of the equipment of a play where the lead actress died. He was one of the three suspects of the case.


Bray Clegg

Suspect 31/M

A stage hang in the victim's show

A prop assistant who had a crush on Blaise. He personally manufactured all of the props used in the show, from the replica gun to the fake blood.



Clegg worked as a stagehand of a play starring Gloria Blaise as the lead actress and Roscoe Strapping as the lead actor. He manufactured all the equipment needed for the play but started to grow a crush towards Blaise.

During the play, everything went well until Strapping shot Blaise with the replica gun and bumped into Destiny Knox, a supporting actress. Clegg panicked as Strapping bumping into Knox wasn't part of the script but when the lights went out, he heard a scream crying for help but was knocked unconscious and was found with the murder weapon in his hand later.

Strapping, who had assisted with the investigation conducted by the Mystery Room, insisted Clegg was the culprit as the death threat found in Blaise's hand implicated Clegg, who supposedly killed Blaise as he felt betrayed by her being engaged to Strapping, and the murder weapon was in his possession. He later admitted that the note being from Clegg was one possibility.

However, Strapping was later accused of murder as the gun used to shoot Blaise was an actual gun and he created a scheme to frame Clegg by having Knox scream when the lights were off and knocking out Clegg to the actual gun in his hands during the blackout. Strapping confirmed he shot ablative with the gun but had thought he had shot her with the replica gun and thought Clegg was the real mastermind behind the case as he could have switched the guns. The real mastermind was not Clegg but instead Blaise the victim, who orchestrated her own murder to get back at Strapping for cheating on her with Knox.

After the case was over, Strapping temporarily became a janitor while Clegg performed on the stage as his substitute.


  • His name is derived from the theatre idiom, "break a leg," which is used to wish good luck.
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