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Brenda Triton is Clark Triton's wife and Luke Triton's mother. She appears in the prequel trilogy.



She has olive green hair, which curls down by her shoulders and has black eyes. She wears a long lavender turtleneck and a vest that is white (with a hint of purple) with blue accents over the turtleneck. She wears full-length pants of a brownish purple color. Her shoes are heels of a color closely resembling her hair. Her son, Luke, resembles her greatly.


The Last Specter[]

When Professor Layton arrives at Clark's house, he inquires after Brenda, to which Clark responds that she is fine, and has gone on a trip due to 'family matters'. We later learn that Luke is dubious of this excuse and believes that something is amiss since Brenda left without telling him, which is uncharacteristic of her. He suspects his father is lying to him.

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Brenda and Doland were kidnapped by Jean Descole and trapped in the Triton's cellar. Clark was forced to keep quiet about it, or else they would be harmed. They were found and released by Emmy (acting on the Professor's instructions) near the end of the game. In Cutscene 36, she is seen standing with Clark as they watch Luke leave. Three years later, she appears as a cameo in a photo.

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The Azran Legacy[]

Brenda has a minor role in the Azran Legacy. She appears briefly in The Azran Legacy when the group stops at London to buy supplies for their journey. She greets them when they pass the bus stop where she is waiting for a bus to Gressenheller University to look up something in the library. She comments that the bus is so late, she's had time to come up with a puzzle, which she gives to Luke to solve. Once the puzzle is solved, her bus arrives and she departs.

She can later be found outside the university, having completed her research.


Last Specter[]


Luke's kind and loving mother, Brenda came a little too close to unmasking the impostor posing as Doland and soon found herself locked up in the cellar. She collects so many odd souvenirs that her family no longer knows what to do with them.

Azran Legacy[]

Brenda is Luke's loving mother and an old friend of Professor Layton's. She met Clark during her time at Gressenheller, and they've been together ever since. The bizarre souvenirs she brings back from her travels often bemuse her family, but Brenda herself remains blissfuly unaware of this.