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The Camera is an item and minigame in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. It is owned by Mr. Beluga, owner of the Molentary Express. Sammy accidently drops the thing and it breaks into many pieces. Professor Layton and Luke ask Sammy what happened and Sammy gives the camera to them and asks them to fix it. Professor Layton and Luke then have the camera minigame in the trunk.


In order to fix the camera, Professor Layton and Luke must gather all ten pieces to the broken camera. The pieces are obtained by solving many puzzles in various places. Once all of the pieces are found, Professor Layton can build the camera and unlock its secrets. With all of these pieces, a new puzzle is found. Layton and Luke must rearrange several pieces to fit all ten into the camera's shape. Can you do it?


After the puzzle has been completed, Layton and Luke keep the camera and continuing adventuring in Folsense, but there are some strange sites in Folsense. Upon entering the area of nine different areas in the city, Layton and Luke stumble upon hidden photos from the camera. Each of the photos taken in the present are different of the some 50 or so year old pictures taken by Mr. Beluga. It's Layton and Luke's jobs to figure out these differences. Each photo has three. Once all nine images and their differences are found, Layton and Luke unlock the Musician's House in Layton's Challenges. Also, a new puzzle will be available in the photo’s location after the differences have been found.