Chappy is a minor character in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.



Chappy wore a brown-gray hat with a matching jacket over a white shirt and red pants. He also wore a red cravat.


Chapter 6: London's Hidden SecretsEdit

Emmy, on her search for Inspector Grosky throughout London, resorted to treating Chappy like a cat to find out where Grosky and the criminal he was trying to arrest had gone off to in their fight.


  • Despite not living in Misthallery, he can be seen in Arianna's flashback, witnessing Evan Barde being observed by the police.



The curator of the natural history museum, Chappy seems to have spent so much time with cats that he has lost the human tongue, but in truth he can speak perfectly good English. The museum showcases objects donated to him by his close friends.

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