The Time Machine Facility is the eleventh chapter of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

Plot Edit


When they walk up to the door, they see that it is locked with a puzzle. Flora shows that she can also solve puzzles, and they enter the facility. Almost immediately, they run into Don Paolo, who claims that the puzzle was set there by him. When asked how he got there earlier than them, Don Paolo doesn't want to tell them, so they move on.

With Don Paolo in tow, they make it to the heart of the facility. Unfortunately, they are detected by the Family. Just when they are about to be caught, the
mysterious woman appears and helps them though a door on the side. The woman introduces herself as Celeste, Claire's younger sister. She is also trying to find out what happened to Claire in the accident.

However, the Family soon catches up with them and they are forced to flee the facility. The group decides to split up, with Don Paolo and Celeste going on ahead to increase their chances. Celeste tells Layton that they will meet at the "old father's embrace". Once outside, Layton tells Luke that it refers to Old Father Thames, and that they need to go back to the Thames Arms. Luke asks about the personal tie that Layton, Dimitri and Don Paolo have to Claire. He feels that many of the mysteries in the city could lead back to the explosion. Layton explains that the first explosion didn't just destroy the lab, it also destroyed a block of flats and killed/injured many people. He mentions remembering an orphaned child, who was wailing for his parents. After some time of being in a state of shocked grief, Layton grew suspicious of the incident and began to research into it. He discovered that powerful political forces had suppressed reports of the blast. After finding it out, Layton was viciously assaulted, presumably by Bill Hawk's cronies. Layton had to stay in the hospital for a month due to his injuries. Layton's office had been ruined and major information had been stolen. Whenever he would try to research back into the case, he would get resistance and threats of violence. After hearing Layton's story, Luke asks if Dimitri knew the truth. Layton says that there might be another person who knew too. On the way to the Thames Arms, they encounter Pavel, who had lost his way. After helping Pavel, they make their way to the Thames Arms, escaping from The Family.

Puzzles Edit

111Follow the CodeUS: Follow the Code
UK: Puzzling Legend
Tap AnswerNorth Bank40
112Beams and LaddersUS: Beams and Ladders
UK: Ladder Puzzle
Select and SubmitNorth Bank30
113One Step at a TimeSelect and SubmitService Entrance30
114Roped InUS: Roped In
UK: Rope Puzzle
PlacementFacility Warehouse60
115Hidden in Plain SightUS: Hidden in Plain Sight
UK: Plus Key
Draw LineCentral Research50
116Which Way Is Up?US: Which Way Is Up?
UK: Which Direction?
Tap AnswerTunnel50
150Half as OldUS: Half as Old
UK: Sisterly Sums
Write AnswerService Entrance15
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