The Truth Revealed is the twelfth chapter of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

Plot Edit


Back on the other side of the Thames, they find Inspector Chelmey and Barton, who decide to accompany the group to the Thames Arms. Right outside the Thames Arms, they also find Future Luke, who was apparently shadowing Celeste. They enter the restaurant, where they find Don Paolo, Celeste and the barkeeper.


Inside of the Thames Arms

Professor Layton goes on to explain everyone what he has discovered. He reveals that future London is fake, and that it was only used to make them think they were in the future. The back of the clock shop is actually a giant elevator leading underground.

The barkeeper is then unmasked as Dimitri Allen. Dimitri tells them that he planted bombs under the Thames Arms, and that only he knows where they are. He gives Professor Layton a map of the Thames Arms, which the latter uses to find out there are no bombs after all, and that Dimitri just wanted to distract them.

With nowhere left to run, Dimitri tells the entire story: 10 years ago, he worked together with Claire and Bill Hawks on the time machine. Bill wanted to use Claire as a test subject, but Dimitri opposed the idea. He later discovered that there was a flaw in the design, but it was already too late: Bill activated the machine and it exploded, killing Claire and several others. Bill, however, used the enormous amount of money he received for the experiment to become the prime minister. Dimitri wanted to build a time machine to stop the accident from happening.

After he finishes his story, Professor Layton asks him whether he knows he was being used by someone else. Dimitri is shocked by this. The professor then reveals the full truth: Future Luke, who is actually named Clive, used Dimitri as a pawn in his own plan. Clive's parents lived next door to the time machine experiment, and they were also killed. Clive was then adopted by a wealthy woman, Constance Dove. Unfortunately, she passed away five years later, but left her entire fortune to Clive. Using this fortune, Clive was then able to construct future London.

With his identity revealed, Clive kidnaps Flora and flees to the lighthouse in the middle of the Thames. Not too long afterwards, an enormous machine emerges from below the river.

Puzzles Edit

117Where's the Arrow?US: Where's the Arrow?
UK: The Secret Letter
Circle AnswerSouth Bank60
133The Two NecklacesSlidingBlack Market30
136Destination StationCircle AnswerWarehouse Area30
140Ripple EffectWrite AnswerWarehouse Area25
142The Marked CupTap AnswerCasino Floor30
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