The Stronghold of Madness is the thirteenth chapter of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

Plot Edit

The massive fortress begins crushing the future London. Professor Layton and Luke get into the
Legal Luke's Huge Machine

The Mobile Fortress.

Laytonmobile, which was rebuilt and slightly modified by Don Paolo, and manage to enter the fortress. After some puzzles and messing with the elevator, they find Flora in the ventilation room and rescue her. They head to the surveillance room to stop Clive, but the latter escapes and uses various chains to pull the whole structure up to the real London. Then Celeste comes aboard using Don Paolo's flying machine. She tells them that in order to stop the machine, they must to head to the generator room.
Bill Hawks in the Generator

Bill Hawks in the Generator

When they arrive, they find that Bill Hawks has been wired to the generator, and that his heartbeat prevents the entire fortress from exploding. Professor Layton manages to free him by using an old watch to simulate his heartbeat, and wiring it to the generator.

Unfortunately, the watch will only last for a few minutes, so they need to come up with a plan. Celeste bring up the idea to reverse the power flow of the generator, so that the fortress will slowly destroy itself.

Puzzles Edit

118Scrutinized ScrewsUS: Scrutinized Screws
UK: Scrutinised Screws
Circle AnswerRiverside Hill40
119Swap to UnlockRotate and ArrangeFortress Door60
120A Cryptic ComboSelectElevator Door50
121Arrow FlowSelectVentilation Room40
122Password PiecesUS: Password Pieces
UK: Key Code Puzzle
Write AnswerElevator60
123Cat's-Eye ViewWrite AnswerSurveillance Floor50
124The Final TileSelectSurveillance Room70
125Connect the BotsSelect and SubmitSurveillance Room50
126Ten-Step SolutionSlidingGenerator Room50
127A Real Heart SwapperPlacementSurveillance Room70
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