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Is This The Future? is the first chapter of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.


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Since the door to the clock shop is now locked, they decide to explore the town in order to find answers; wondering if they could possibly really be in a Future London.

They stop by Anita's Place, where Luke receives a Picture Book from Alfie as a reward for solving his puzzle. A little while later, they find an abandoned shop, where they meet Granny Riddleton, who offers them to keep track of their puzzles once more.

After making their way to the bus stop, which is now out of service, a postman hands them another letter from future Luke. The letter essentially voices that future Luke knows that Professor Layton is skeptical of this future London, and gives them directions to a hospital where he can find some definite proof that they are in the future.

Professor Layton and Luke decide to first look for a Hotel in case they have to stay longer than expected. It doesn't take long before they find Hotel Duke, where they take a room. They ask Becky, the hotel maid, for directions to the subway station so they can go to the hospital. When they are about to leave, Luke is given the Toy Car by the hotel's owner, Margaret, because she doesn't see young kids in her hotel very often.

After they arrive at Flatstone Street, they take the train to Auckland Lane, where the hospital is. When they enter the room as future Luke told them to, they are greeted by an aged Dr. Schrader. He tells Layton that there have been some fishy rumors about him lately, but that he doesn't believe any of them. He also gives him the keys to the Laytonmobile. Inside the the now old and damaged car, they find instructions to meet Future Luke at the Gilded 7 Casino.

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010What Day Is It? 1US: What Day Is It? 1
UK: Day Dreaming
Select and SubmitAnita's Place15
011The Professor's HatHatgramOld Bus Stop30
012Follow the ArrowsArrangeSouthern Street30
013Pick the PenPress ButtonHotel Lobby30
014Find the Station!US: Find the Station!
UK: Find the Station!
Circle AnswerHotel Room20
015Boxes of MatchesUS: Boxes of Matches
UK: How Many Boxes?
Write AnswerHotel Room30
016What Day Is It? 2US: What Day Is It? 2
UK: Day Dreaming 2
Select and SubmitHotel Room20
017The Messy NoteUS: The Messy Note
UK: The Scrawled Note
Write AnswerRestaurant 30
018Slippery Trip 1US: Slippery Trip 1
UK: Slippery Trip
Banana SlipArcade East Exit30
020Making the RoundsWrite AnswerReception30
021Medicine TimeDraw LinePatient Room25
022X-ray VisionCircle AnswerPatient Room25
023The Secret NumberUS: The Secret Number
UK: The Hidden Number
Write AnswerBack of Hospital35
146Birds on a WireWrite AnswerGreen Hospital15