A Boy Named Luke is the second chapter of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

Plot Edit


While heading for the casino, Professor Layton passes by what seems to be a familiar face. A mysterious woman walks by them, and Layton stops for a moment. Luke asks him what's up, but the professor says it's probably nothing.


Future Luke challenging Layton to his battle of wits.

After convincing the guard to let them in the Gilded 7 Casino, they finally meet Future Luke, who immediately challenges Layton to a Puzzle Battle to prove his identity. Future Luke explains that this is necessary because many people have been going around town posing themselves as the professor.

Of course, the professor manages to convince Future Luke and they head to a back room. Here, Future Luke explains what happened to the town years ago: an evil genius emerged and overthrew the London government, ruling the city of London with an iron fist. This genius was obsessed with time travel, and teamed up with Dr. Stahngun to create a working time machine. He is not, as Luke suspects, Don Paolo, but the Future Professor Layton.

The evil Professor Layton from the future is feared by many people, and he still wears his top hat as his main image. Therefore many people become very uncomfortable when passing by Professor Layton. He is also the leader of a group called the Family, a crime organization in Future London.

They head back into the main casino, where Professor Layton is spotted by Bostro, a high-ranking member of the Family. Bostro
Family Goons

The family's attack on the casino.

finds it suspicious that Layton is dressing up like his boss, and commands several Family Goons to open fire upon them. Professor Layton and Future Luke manage to construct a gun out of broken slot machine parts, debilitate their attackers and the trio manages to escape.

Puzzles Edit

019Checkerboard BridgeUS: Checkerboard Bridge
UK: Chequerboard Bridge
Write AnswerFlatstone St. 235
024No-Go ArrowsSelectArcade Entrance30
026Upon ReflectionWrite AnswerN. Flatstone St.30
027A Game of CardsCircle AnswerCasino Entrance30
028Slot Machine Gun!PlacementCasino Lobby40
144Mr. 8:20US: Mr. 8:20
UK: Mr 8:20
Circle AnswerCasino Entrance20
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