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"The professor and Luke make their way successfully to Reinhold Manor, where they meet Lady Dahlia. But before they can start talking, a loud noise startles Lady Dahlia's cat, Claudia, who runs off. The professor and Luke are now forced to find the missing feline."

The Fugitive Feline is the second chapter in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.


After a strange noise in Reinhold Manor scares off Lady Dahlia’s cat, Claudia, Professor Layton and Luke are tasked with retrieving the cat. On their way, they ask Matthew to search the grounds, and they examine the paintings of Baron Reinhold and his daughter, Flora, if they hadn’t done so already.

They quickly find Claudia outside, but they accidentally scare him off. They pursue him to the village square, where Luke tries to use his way with animals to get Claudia to return to the manor. Sadly, Claudia scratches him in the face instead.

The duo are then stopped by Franco, who tells them that somebody stole the drawbridge crank. He also gives them the first of the Gizmos.

Layton decides to book rooms for Luke and himself at the local Inn before continuing the search for Claudia. The innkeeper, Beatrice, tells them that all of the rooms are being redecorated, but she allows them to stay in the attic.

They resume chasing Claudia, and after solving a puzzle given to them by Agnes, they use the fish bones she gave them to tame Claudia. They take her back to the manor, and Lady Dahlia is glad to see her, but sadly, Simon Reinhold has been murdered since Layton and Luke were last at the manor.





New puzzles found throughout this chapter include:



The Vanishing Crank[]

Someone has stolen the crank that controls St Mystere's drawbridge, the sole portal in and out of the village. Until the crank is recovered, there is no way to leave the village.

Why would somebody want to steal a drawbridge crank?

Cog Discovery[]

A small cog with an intricately carved insignia was recovered from the scene of Simon's murder. Perhaps the murderer dropped it when fleeing the scene.


No mysteries are solved during this chapter.