The Enigmatic Future is the third chapter of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

Plot Edit


Future Luke tells Professor Layton and "little" Luke that one of his acquaintances is waiting for them in the restaurant, so they decide to go there next. When they arrive, they meet up with Shipley, the postman from before. He tells them that the future Layton has a base in the Towering Pagoda in Chinatown. Unfortunately, it is heavily guarded, so they decide to split up to increase their chances of finding a way in.

Professor Layton and Luke start heading in the direction of Chinatown, but the professor spots the mysterious woman from before and runs after her. Unfortunately, she goes around the corner and disappears. Professor Layton then explains that the woman looks similar to his old sweetheart, Claire, who died ten years ago in a failed experiment. A small flashback is shown with Layton giving her a gold pocket-watch while having dinner, chatting about their future together if he managed to get a job as a professor.

Back on their way to Chinatown, they spot a man in a white lab coat. The man soon leaves and they notice that he leaves footprints. They wonder why the man is walking around with wet shoes, but decide to find out another time. After a while, they arrive at the Thames, where Layton spots a Lighthouse that wasn't there before. Not much later, they spot another man in a lab coat. When they realize that he also leaves footprints however, he has already gone out of sight.

When they finally arrive at the entrance of Chinatown, they find out it is sealed off by a giant door, which is guarded by two Family members. The two guards look very similar to Inspector Chelmey and Barton, which reminds the professor that he wanted to ask Chelmey something. Future Luke catches up with them and informs them that it is possible for them to go back to their time using the time machine in the clock shop.

Puzzles Edit

025Back and ForthUS: Back and Forth
UK: How Long?
Write AnswerBack of Hospital20
029Our Dream HouseUS: Our Dream House
UK: Four Rooms
Draw LineFlatstone St. 140
030Cookie ConundrumUS: Cookie Conundrum
UK: Biscuit Baffler
Write AnswerSouthern Street30
031False MemoryUS: False Memory
UK: Pair-Shaped
Press ButtonSouthern Street20
032Broken LancePress ButtonStatue Plaza20
033Brothers 'n' SistersWrite AnswerStatue Plaza35
034The Mysterious MemoWrite AnswerAlley25
035Twisted TunnelsTap AnswerBehind the Casino40
036Hide-and-Goon-SeekUS: Hide-and-Goon-Seek
UK: Henchman Hunt
Write AnswerChinatown Gate30
037Cat RomancePress ButtonBlack Market25
147Paving the GardenUS: Paving the Garden
UK: Paving the Way
Tap AnswerShady Grove20
149Strange SymbolsWrite AnswerCasino Storage30
152Cluttered CansUS: Cluttered Cans
UK: Tinned Trouble
MoveRiver Thames30
153An Extra BlockCircle AnswerChinatown Gate30
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