"Having finally returned to Reinhold Manor with Claudia in tow, Layton and Luke are horrified to discover that a murder has taken place there during their absence. Waiting for Luke and Layton at the manor is police detective Inspector Chelmey. Upon receiving a report of a murder, he has raced to St Mystere to conduct an investigation. He has his suspicions about Luke and Layton. Shortly after the murder, a servant to the Reinhold family named Ramon goes missing. At Lady Dahlia's request, Luke and the professor set out to gather information on his whereabouts."

The Missing Servant is the third chapter in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.






New puzzles found throughout this chapter include:



Lady DahliaEdit

Baron Reinhold's late wife Viola is pictured cradling a baby in a photograph on Lady Dahlia's desk. While the two women seem to be complete strangers to each other, their resemblance to each other is too uncanny to be a coincidence.

What's really going on here?

Village DisappearancesEdit

Rumour has it that a number of villager's have disappeared recently. Oddly, enough, those who disappear (or are abducted, as some suggest) often do so after complaining of general fatigue or other minor health issues.


No mysteries are solved in this chapter.


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