Back to the Present is the fourth chapter of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

Plot Edit


Professor Layton, Luke and Future Luke decide to head back to the Clock Shop so they can travel back to the present. When they get back to the Thames, Professor Layton ask Future Luke when the Lighthouse was built. Future Luke tells them that it was around five years ago. When the professor asks why they built it however, Future Luke avoids the question by stating they should go back to the clock shop.

When they are about to leave, they spot a troubled man and ask him what's up. He tells them that a Parrot stole his best cuff-links and he needs them back. Luke and his future self manage to attract the parrot with a bright red gem, after which Luke befriends the parrot. They hand back the cuff-links and take the parrot with them.

After making their way to Midland Road, Future Luke tells Professor Layton and Luke that he heard a rumor of a special flower that attracts puzzles. They decide to check it out and head to the Abandoned Shop they visited earlier. Here, they find the flower and a small bee, who introduces himself as Beasly. Beasly tells them that he will keep track on their puzzles from now on.

After their small detour, they finally arrive at the clock shop. Future Luke teaches them the secret knock that lets them access the shop. He then says that he will stay in the future, so Professor Layton and Luke head back to present-day London without him. Before going to visit Chelmey, Professor Layton says that he'd like to visit his office at Gressenheller University.

Puzzles Edit

038Cluttered Bag (UF)US: Cluttered Bag
UK: Cluttered Case
SlidingBlack Market40
039Coat ConfusionUS: Coat Confusion
UK: Where's My Coat?
Tap AnswerCasino Storage30
040Missing TilesWrite AnswerCasino Storage40
041Carrying GlassesUS: Carrying Glasses
UK: Thirsty Work
Press ButtonAnita's Place20
043Making the CutDraw LineClock Shop Front20
044Find the Clock TowerUS: Find the Clock Tower
UK: Clock the Tower
Circle AnswerCasino Storage25
045How Many People?Write AnswerMidland Road30
046A Heartfelt HeartTap AnswerMidland Bus Stop30
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