"Our heroes have finally gathered all five eggs, but they cannot conceal their surprise when they discover one of them is fake! Determined to discover the location of the real egg, Layton and the others return to the Azran dome beneath Lake Kodh."






New puzzles found throughout this chapter include:



The Targent MastermindEdit

Bronev is waiting for our heroes in the Obsidian Tower, a skyscraper at the heart of the Nest. As the commander of Targent, Bronev is undeniably a powerful man. Why does he need to lure Professor Layton and the others onto his own turf.


Suspicious MenEdit

Targent will go to any lengths to get their hands on Azran artefacts. It seems they were once mainly a research organisation, but Bronev's ruthless ambition has led to them relentlessly increasing their military power.

Professor SycamoreEdit

The archaeologist who called himself Desmond Sycamore was none other than Jean Descole, Professor Layton's nemesis!

The Aura StonesEdit

Aurora used her mysterious powers to combine the five eggs. Together they form the key stone that will unlock the legacy of the Azran.

Layton's ThoughtsEdit

The Aura StonesEdit

  • At the start of the chapter:

Every egg we collected was a genuine egg. Of that I am certain.

  • After arriving at the Obsidian Tower:

It would appear that Aurora's memory will be restored once we have all five eggs...

  • After solving the mystery:

It transpires that each egg is not a key in its own right. Rather, they combine to form a single key...

Suspicious MenEdit

  • After solving the mystery for the second time:

Bronev seems to be using Targent to fulfil his own ambition.

The Targent MastermindEdit

  • After receiving the mystery:

Why is he luring us here? If he wanted to get his hands on all the Azran eggs, he could have just had them stolen along with the other one...

  • After receiving the Azran egg from Leon Bronev:

It would appear Bronev would have me join Targent... Naturally, I would never work with a man who uses such cruel methods!

Professor SycamoreEdit

  • After talking to Sycamore in the first elavator inside the Obsidian Tower:

Professor Sycamore strongly hinted that he has lost family at the hands of Targent.

  • After receiving the Azran egg from Leon Bronev:

Thank goodness Professor Sycamore kept me steady when Bronev showed that footage of my parents. I don't know what I would have done.

  • After solving the mystery:

Descole's intentions were once shrouded in mystery, but it appear that he was only working alongside us to fulfil his own goals.

The MummyEdit

  • After the key stine is constructed:

Now that Aurora's memories have been restored, she appears to be absolutely terrified about her existence and fate...


  • Episode: A Globetrotting Honeymoon - Received at the the start of the chapter.
  • Treasure Hunt: Discarded Tyre - Examine the tyre at the Waste Disposal Plant.
  • Treasure Hunt: Plastic Canister - Examine the canister at the Waste Disposal Plant.
  • Treasure Hunt: Rubber Dinghy - Examine the dinghy on Wylie Street.
  • Collection: Sticky Seven-Pin - Found by examining the top of the armoured vehicle on Wylie Street.
  • Dress Up: A piece of clothing* - Received after solving 115: Dial Trial 2.
  • Layton's Challenges: The Fashionista's House - Received after completing all of the Dress Up requests.
  • Treasure Hunt: Enormous Motor - Examine the motor in the Midship.
  • Treasure Hunt: Mini Fighter Jet - Examine the fighter jet at the Midship*.
  • Treasure Hunt: Bronev's Chair - Examine the central chair in the Airship Bridge.
  • Collection: Mysterious Remote - Found by examining the top left dial on the left panel in the Airship Bridge.
  • Episode: Feathered Friends - Received after solving 118: Mutiny! 2.
  • Treasure Hunt: Glowing Red Eye - Examine the red eye at the Obsidian Tower.
  • Collection: Midnight Knight - Found by examining the leftmost potted plant in the Upper Obsidian Tower.
  • Treasure Hunt: Examine the deer artwork in Bronev's Office.
  • Collection: Ferocious Beast - found by examining the crystal skull in the secret floor vault in Bronev's Office.
  • Treasure Hunt: Gramophone - Examine the gramophone in Bronev's Office.
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