The Forgotten Case is the fifth chapter of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

Plot Edit

Gressenheller University

Gressenheller University.

After arriving at Gressenheller, they discover that Flora has been waiting for Professor Layton in his office. Flora is upset that Layton and Luke went off on an adventure without her again. As she goes off to prepare some tea and cucumber sandwiches for the three of them, Layton decides that with The Family and all the uncertainties surrounding this case, it'd be best to leave her behind, so he finds the book that he needs and rushes out the door with Luke before Flora returns.

With the information the professor needed, they head to Scotland Yard where they talk with Inspector Chelmey about the events that occurred during the explosion of the previous time machine. Layton explains that he thinks that this event and the explosion from ten years ago are connected somehow. He then asks for access to the files from the incident so he can verify a hunch. Chelmey eventually allow them to enter the archives, and Layton manages to find the info he needed.

He then tells Chelmey that he believes that Bill Hawks is being held captive in the future. Chelmey is baffled, but Layton doesn't have time to explain the entire situation as Cogg is waiting for them.

Puzzles Edit

047The Shady TrioSelect and SubmitGressenheller U40
0481/1000MatchstickGressenheller U25
049The Missing BlockPress ButtonGressenheller U30
050A Dangerous PlaceUS: A Dangerous Place
UK: Where Is This?
Circle AnswerReception20
051Park the CarDraw LinePolice Archive15
052The CheckerboardUS: The Checkerboard
UK: The Chessboard
Tap AnswerMidland Road30
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