"After witnessing Ramon's abduction before their very eyes, Luke and Professor Layton are shocked to see him to return to Reinhold Manor on his own. Busy with the murder investigation, Inspector Chelmey warns Layton against meddling any further. However, Layton is confident that the Golden Apple and the morning's murder are linked to one another. Finally free to move about, Layton and Luke begin their search for the Golden Apple in earnest."

The Hunt Begins is the fifth chapter in Professor Layton and the Curious Village



Playable CharactersEdit

Non-playable CharactersEdit


New puzzles found throughout this chapter include:



Inspector ChelmeyEdit

Though Chelmey claims to dislike all sweets, a scrap of newspaper Luke found claims that his favourite food in all the world is cakes. That being the case, why did Chelmey fly into such a rage when Matthew brought him cakes at the manor?


No mysteries are solved during this chapter.


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