Traveling Companions? is the sixth chapter of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

Plot Edit


Despite Chelmey's protests, Professor Layton and Luke leave Scotland Yard and head back towards the Clock Shop. They head to the back of the shop and prepare to head back to the future, but suddenly Chelmey and Barton crash in and demand an explanation from Layton. Flora seems to have tailed the group as well as she comes storming in the shop, angered that Layton and Luke left her behind again. Layton asks Cogg if he can remove them all from the shop before returning to the future, but Cogg says there is no time and activates the time machine, throwing everyone into future London.


Chelmey entering Future London

Chelmey and Barton are baffled at first, but then decide to conduct their own investigation, so Professor Layton, Luke, and Flora head off by themselves. They decide to first meet up with Shipley in the restaurant. On their way there, they run into Stachenscarfen, who somehow also made it to the future. He asks Luke to use his parrot to make deliveries to various people in London.

Before going to the restaurant, they take a small detour to the hotel in order to explain the situation to Flora. On their way back out, they run into Dean Delmona, whose hair is now gray from old age. This detail makes Layton pause for a moment, but then says it is not important right now.

They arrive at the restaurant, where they are told by Shipley to meet future Luke at the shrine in the park up north. After unlocking the shrine with a puzzle, Future Luke tells them about his plan to enter Chinatown: they will use the parrot to imitate Bostro's voice so the guards will go away.

Puzzles Edit

053Making Another CutDraw LineClock Shop Front30
054Lunchtime!PlacementAnita's Place30
055Picky MoviegoersUS: Picky Moviegoers
UK: Six Whiny Spectators
PlacementOld Bus Stop30
056Five StampsSelect and SubmitArcade20
057Mispainted PlatesPlacementRestaurant30
058Gravity MazeGravity MazePark Gate30
134A Question of TasteTap AnswerGressenheller U30
135Four JamsUS: Four Jams
UK: Jam Weight
ScaleAnita's Place25
137Pieces of ChocolateUS: Pieces of Chocolate
UK: Choc-hole-ate
Write AnswerSouthern Street30
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