Chinatown is the seventh chapter of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

Plot Edit


The group heads to the casino in order to find Bostro so they can record his voice with the parrot. Luckily, he happens to be outside the casino, where he is yelling against one of the Family goons. After hearing him yell, the parrot is able to mimic his voice perfectly.

Using the parrot, they manage to fool the guards, and are able to open the door to Chinatown. After a little bit of exploration, they make their way to the back of the town. Here, they are stopped by Ward, who tells them that future Layton is currently away, so he can't let them in. While waiting for future Layton to return, the group decides to gather some more information on him in the mean time.

In the library, they run into a man who appears to be in a great hurry. Flora notices that his trousers and shoes are completely soaked, but before they can interrogate him, he has already gone off. A little while later, they find Beasly in a house on the edge of Chinatown. As soon as he starts to talk however, he is swatted by Puzzlette, who is apparently Granny Riddleton's granddaughter. She tells them that she is Granny Riddleton's successor and that she will keep track of their puzzles from now on.

After some more searching, they get some valuable information from Rudolph, who tells them that the future Layton seems to like walking along the Thames. He also tells them about the Thames Arms, a restaurant by the river, which the group makes their next destination.

Puzzles Edit

042Create the KeyUS: Create the Key
UK: Shape of the Key
HatgramCasino Storage40
060The InheritanceCircle AnswerArcade East Exit40
061A Tunnel OutRotate and ArrangeBehind the Casino40
062Lunar LeapfrogsFroghopAlley30
063Which Finger?Circle AnswerChinatown Plaza20
064Who Broke It?US: Who Broke It?
UK: Break Time
Tap AnswerChinatown Plaza30
065Strange ShapesUS: Strange Shapes
UK: Funny Shapes
Circle AnswerScarlet Street30
066Faces on VasesUS: Faces on Vases
UK: Flower Vases
Tap AnswerScarlet Street30
067Noodling AroundUS: Noodling Around
UK: Pork Noodle Line-up
Write AnswerNoodle Shop30
068Paper CutsDraw LineToy Shop40
069Which One's White?US: Which One's White?
UK: Pearl Diving
Tap AnswerToy Shop50
070The Third YoungestTap AnswerBelltower Gate25
071Peculiar Paint JobUS: Peculiar Paint Job
UK: Wall Paint Problem
Select and SubmitNeighborhood Wall25
072Tricolor TemplateUS: Tricolor Template
UK: Tricolour Template
Circle AnswerNeighborhood Wall30
073Tricky TileworkRotate and ArrangeNeighborhood Wall40
074Slippery Trip 2Banana SlipAzure Avenue40
075Create the ChickUS: Create the Chick
UK: The Chick's Shadow
HatgramEdge of Chinatown40
148Matchstick MathUS: Matchstick Math
UK: Mathematchsticks
Write AnswerAzure Avenue25
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