A Meeting by the River is the eighth chapter of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

Plot Edit


On their way to the Thames Arms, Professor Layton and company run into a talking rabbit, who names himself Subject 3. He tells them that he was a test subject in a laboratory, which is how he got the ability to talk. When Luke tells him that he is very unfortunate, the rabbit simply tells him that life is hard and asks them to leave him alone.

They enter the Thames Arms, where they are greeted by the bartender. He tells them that a strange man wearing a top hat frequently visits the Thames Arms, but that he already left earlier. The group decides to head back to Chinatown in the hope of finding him.

Outside the Thames Arms, they find Barton looking through the window. Barton tells them he was just looking to get a quick snack, and to not tell Chelmey about it.

Puzzles Edit

076Around the TableWrite AnswerBookshop40
077Timely ArrivalsWrite AnswerChinatown Gate40
078Rabbit HopsUS: Rabbit Hops
UK: Bunny Hop
Write AnswerRiverside Area20
079Five SwimmersTap AnswerRiverside Area40
080Making a SceneWrite AnswerSouth Bank40
081Diced DatesCircle AnswerThames Arms30
139Bricks 'n' BullionArrangeFlatstone St. 250
145Time CardsWrite AnswerThames Arms30
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