"Layton and Luke narrowly escape being crushed by a runaway Ferris wheel while searching the park. The Ferris wheel destroys an old shack on the shore, revealing a secret subterranean path. After finding a tower-shaped key in the underground room, Layton and Luke make their way to the village. With the key in hand, Layton debates heading to the tower. However, after sensing a sinister presence near them, the professor devises a plan to out the fiend."

The Shadowy Intruder is the eighth chapter in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.






New puzzles found throughout this chapter include:



There are no new mysteries in this chapter.


Inspector ChelmeyEdit

What a shock! Who could have imagined that Don Paolo, self-proclaimed arch-enemy of the professor, was posing as the Inspector in an effort to steal the Reinhold fortune? The true Inspector Chelmey never set foot in St Mystere and is probably at home in London enjoying tea and cakes right now.

The Tower KeyEdit

The note left by the baron in Archibald's desk gave Layton the clue he needed to realise the key would fit into the wall in the north of the village. From there, the professor and Luke could access the path to the tower.


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