The Master of the Towering Pagoda is the ninth chapter of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

Plot Edit


Professor Layton and company make their way back to Chinatown, but are again stopped by Ward. Ward informs them that future Layton has returned, but that only those who can solve his puzzle may go through the gate. After some quick puzzle solving by Professor Layton, they are granted access.


Future Layton?

Right before they enter the Towering Pagoda, Layton goes off for an unknown reason, but returns shortly. They climb the tower and finally meet future Layton. It turns out that Future Layton is actually Dr. Stahngun who is better known as Dimitri Allen. It is revealed that Dimitri posed as future Layton in order to lure the real Layton to future London. Like that, he would be able to use his memories to recreate the failed experiment from 10 years before the present. This would allow him to travel back in time and to save Claire.
In the Pagoda

The group confronts Future Layton

Dimitri then reveals that he has taken Bill Hawks hostage. Some bars emerge from the ground and imprison everyone in a cage. Unexpectedly, Professor Layton suddenly removes his hat to reveal he was actually Don Paolo in disguise. The real Professor Layton then appears outside of the cage. After Layton opens up the cage, Dimitri manages to escape with the prime minister, and activates an alarm to alert all his men.

The group manages to find a secret passage through which they can escape. Unfortunately, the tunnel is very small, so they decide to split in two groups in order to get out quickly. Future Luke and Flora go on ahead, followed by the group of Professor Layton, Luke and Don Paolo. Once outside, Luke asks Don Paolo why he is helping them, to which he simply replies that they both want the same answers. The Professor then explains how he recognized Don Paolo while he was disguised as Dr. Schrader in the hospital, and that he asked him for help. It is revealed that Don Paolo also had feelings for Claire, which is why he accepted to help.

Puzzles Edit

082Wheat StashUS: Wheat Stash
UK: Flour Power
Tap AnswerBlack Market30
083Shelve the BooksUS: Shelve the Books
UK: A Tidy Bookshelf
Rotate and ArrangeBookshop30
084Crossing the RiverUS: Crossing the River
UK: Four Cross the River
Write AnswerNoodle Shop30
085More Noodling AroundUS: More Noodling Around
UK: Noodlin' Around
Write AnswerNoodle Shop30
086The Impassable GateSlidingBelltower Gate60
087Sam's AllowanceUS: Sam's Allowance
UK: Pocket Money Poser
Write AnswerToy Shop30
088The DiscountSelect and SubmitToy Shop30
089Photo FinishCircle AnswerWarehouse Area40
090Eye of the DragonTap AnswerTowering Pagoda50
091Strange GlassesCircle AnswerMechanical Door40
092Cave Cover-UpUS: Cave Cover-Up
UK: Stolen Goods
Draw LineDragon Walkway40
093The Mirror MazeSelect and SubmitRoom of Mirrors50
094The Dragon BridgeUS: The Dragon Bridge
UK: The Dragon Walkway
SlidingThe Dragon Bridge60
095Looking UpTap AnswerThe Boss's Room30
096The Right ButtonUS: The Right Button
UK: First Step?
Select and SubmitThe Boss's Room40
097A Blind EscapeDraw LineThe Boss's Room30
151A Difference of 39Write AnswerThe Boss's Room15
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