"Layton exposes Don Paolo, the evil scientist who was posing as Inspector Chelmey. His disguise now gone, Don Paolo escapes from the manor, leaving only his latex mask behind. Having outed the fiend who tried to take their lives, Luke and Layton set out to explore the tower."

The Tower's Secret is the ninth and final chapter in Professor Layton and the Curious Village.






New puzzles found during this chapter include:



There are no new mysteries in this chapter.


Cog DiscoveryEdit

The small cogs recovered by Layton and Luke came loose from Simon and Ramon when they collapsed. The cogs, along with the mysterious disappearances he observed around the village, convinced Layton that all the villagers in St Mystere were robots.

Village DisappearancesEdit

The abductions around the village were actually the work of Bruno, who moved under the cover of night to retrieve his broken robots. Bruno would bring robots back to the tower to repaire them and then return them to the village. As none of the villagers knew they were actually robots, it's only natural that they were terrified by the strange old man.

The Vanishing CrankEdit

Bruno, caretaker to all St Mystere, was the one who stole the crank for the bridge. His intent was to prevent Layton and Luke from leaving the village, so they would seek out the Golden Apple and fulfil the late Baron Reinhold's last wish.

Mysterious RumblingEdit

The loud noise emanating from the tower was the whirring of the machines Bruno used to repair the robots of St Mystere.

It's been several years since the creation of St Mystere. Maintenance becomes necessary more frequently as machines age, hence the reports of increased noise at night from the villagers.

Ramon's MemoryEdit

As a robot with several years on him, it was only natural that Ramon would break down sooner or later. He was quickly taken in for repair, then promptly returned to the village, blissfully unaware that he had just undergone a tune-up.

Lady DahliaEdit

It's revealed that Lady Dahlia is a robot originally constructed to resemble and behave like the baron's late wife in every way imaginable.

Along With her grave in the grounds of the mansion, this was another tribute to the baron's love for Viola.

Noise at the ManorEdit

The noise that shook the mansion and scared off Claudia was caused by Don Paolo's flying machine making an emergency crash landing in St Mystere.

The Golden AppleEdit

The Golden Apple turned out to be Flora, the daughter of Baron Reinhold.

The name and legend surrounding the Golden Apple were created by the baron to help him find a suitable guardian for his daughter.


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