Chinatown was a section of London in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, although it is only visited in Future London. It was the location of the Towering Pagoda, the apparent headquarters of Future Layton and the Family.

The Chinatown gate was initially guarded by Shmelmey and Shmarton, but after Luke's parrot imitated Bostro's voice and told them to "get lost", the Professor and Co. gained access. Near the entrance of Chinatown by the black market, the Professor met Segal, who has no real purpose, until later, when they tried to find a way to cross the River Thames. Segal then told them about a blocked off underground tunnel.

The Streets of Chinatown[edit | edit source]

There were many different sections of Chinatown. There was the gate, which was heavily guarded by Family grunts. On the northwest part of town was the neighborhood wall. This mural was created by Slate and the local children. Later on in the game, by traveling back and forth in this area, Professor Layton and Luke witnessed the wall completed.

There were two accessible streets in Chinatown, Scarlet Street and Azure Avenue. These moved to the Puzzle Shack and Towering Pagoda respectively. The Scarlet Street also housed shops as well as the subway station in Chinatown, whilst the Azure Avenue housed a couple more shops and Puzzlette's puzzle shack.

There were many shops in Chinatown, of which include a pet shop, bookstore, toy shop and a noodle place. All of these places were run by different people. In front of Chinatown was the Black Market. Also north of Chinatown was a large warehouse area.

Chinatown was also the location where Beasly is replaced by Puzzlette, in the northeast side of town in the puzzle shack.

Puzzles[edit | edit source]

A few puzzles that aren't given by people are found in Chinatown. Along Scarlet Street, Layton and Luke can find the puzzles "Which One's White" (In Toy Shop) and "Slippery Trip 3" (Wearhouse Area). On their way through Azure Avenue, our heroes find the puzzles "Slippery Trip 2" (Banana) and "Matchstick Math" (Tree).

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At one point, Layton mentions that Chinatown is unlike anything from the present day London, despite the fact that real life London has had a Chinatown since the 18th century, albeit not originally in the West End.
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