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The Chippe cousins are minor characters in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.



All of the Chippe boys wore matching police uniforms. They consisted of tall light blue helmets, light blue jackets with high collars, white cravats, and blue buttons. they also wore red belts and light blue pants.


Jakes's subordinates may all look alike, but they each have slightly differing personalities.

Only the inhabitants of Misthallery are able to tell them apart.

Jakes, on the other hand, has no idea whom he's ordering around most of the time.


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Chippe gives Professor Layton and co. many puzzles during their time in Misthallery. These puzzles include "The Cracked Clock," "Armor Antics," and "Family Portraits."


  • Chippe works with Fische and when the names are put together they create Fische and Chippe, a possible reference to Fish and Chips.
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