Clover Pryce is a character in Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy. She is the owner of The Lucky Clover on Chancer Street.

History Edit


Case 01 Edit

Katrielle Layton wants to visit the new shop beside The Layton Detective Agency. For some reason there was a puddle in front of the shop and Granny Riddleton stops Katrielle before she steps on it. She also says that Clover Pryce opens The Lucky Clover whenever she wants. So Katrielle thanks her and leaves.

Case 02 Edit

Katrielle and Co. visit the Lucky Clover, where ask Clover Pryce about the riverside festival incident. However she simply tells them she doesn't know anything about it.

Case 09 Edit

While trying to find a birthday present for Felicity Hastings on Godwin's Day, when most shops are closed, Katrielle & Co. notice the Lucky Clover seems to be open. However Clover Pryce informs them that she just came by to pick something up and won't be selling anything.

Case 11 Edit

Clover Pryce has been found dead, and following an accusation by Chief Inspector Royall Britannias Katrielle Layton becomes the prime suspect in her murder. In truth she wasn't killed, but died in a tragic mannequin accident. Britannias attempted to resuscitate her but was unable to, and then used her death to try and frame Katrielle in a scheme of jealously against her and Inspector Hastings.

Profile Edit

The owner of The Lucky Clover boutique. Though not the most personable of people, her shop is very popular with women of all ages. Sadly, she died the other day in an unfortunate mannequin incident.

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