The Collection is a set of rare items found by investigating locations. The collection appears in Professor Layton and the Last Specter, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask and Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. It can be found in The Professor's Trunk like most other mini-games.

With each item, Professor Layton offers a small description, detailing the item's features. In Miracle Mask and Azran Legacy, when viewing an item in the trunk in 3D; it will look more realistic. All of the items will automatically do a 360 degree rotation of themselves in these games as well.

Last Specter CollectionEdit

All of the items are found all around Misthallery and small parts of London. The items themselves range from a simple bowl to a chunk of silver ore. Aldus is the person who first informs Professor Layton, Emmy, and Luke about the Collection. He tells them to tap on a near-by pipe, and upon doing so, the Tiny Fossil item is given. The rest must be found by tapping on random objects and scenery throughout the game.

Locations Edit

Locations of Collection items
Name Location How to Obtain
Tiny Fossil Great Ely Street Talk to Aldus; tap on pipe repeatedly.
It is of little monetary value, but it makes a striking paperweight.
Curious Fragment Pike Lane Tap on the water.
A small piece of history that evokes takes of bygone eras.
Cracked Teacup Paddy's Place Under far-left chair.
This piece is still intact despite being riddled with cracks.
Sticky Spoon Bridge to Town Box by signpost.
I must remember to restore it to its former elegance once I'm home.
Old Bottle Keat's House Tap near the door to the small shack.
A shame that its owner did not appreciate its simplistic beauty.
Lithograph Market Entrance Tap around the bush next to Aunt Taffy.
It's hard to believe that an object so light is made of stone.
Bent Cuff Link Chief's Office Above the fireplace.
I find that its being broken only adds t its charm.
Rare Tome Library Books under the reception desk.
A rare tome indeed, given that it also bears the title Rare Tome
Compass Dam Water under the bridge
Perhaps it needs a little push in the right direction.
Ceramic Bowl Crossroads Search around the souvenir shop, in the back.
It may not fetch a high price, but it is a fine piece of workmanship.
Hair Clip Police HQ Grass under the brick wall in the bottom-right corner.
I have no doubt that the owner wore it with great pride.
Faded Map Archives Box in the top row of the third bookcase.
No longer an object used to seek treasure, but to be treasured.
Clown Mask Black Market Top of farthest back stand.
It appears cheery at first glance but belies a certain loneliness.
Strange Seed Florist Flowers hanging above Augustus.
Who knows what kind of plant may grow from this oddly shaped seed?
Dirty Cape Cellar Top of bottom-right bag.
Its former majesty has sadly been tarnished with grime.
Scrap Metal Third Ridge Tap around the boxes in the upper left corner.
If you look closely, you can find a glimpse of true beauty.
Funny Lump Rear Entrance Puddle in the bottom of the area.
This little lump of clay easily brings a smile to one's face.
Broken Cog Fifth Ridge Tap on the broken apart, blue machine on the ground.
It's only slightly damaged, but that is a fatal defect for a cog.
Bad Art Backstage In a row of rolled-up tubes to the left.
It captures the essence of both horror and wonder at once.
Soft Feather Room 301 On the left bed.
It feels so smooth that you can't help but run a finger along it.
Grinning Toy Naiya's Room In the drawer under the gramophone.
Its mischievous little smile could cheer anybody up!
Stuffed Friend Arianna's Room

Tap on the chair.

One of a pair of dolls. Its twin's whereabouts are unknown.
Shiny Scale Lakeshore The water directly below the pier.
Could this large, shining scale have come from a local species?
Silver Ore Excavation Site Top-right tunnel.
You can spot minerals and flecks of silver when it catches the light.

Miracle Mask CollectionEdit

All of the items are found in Monte d'Or and in Professor Layton's flashback sequences. Most of them can be found through zooming in to certain places or found during the daytime or night time.

Locations Edit

Locations of Collection items
Name Location How to Obtain
Stylish Clay Pot Knickknack Alley Talk to Angela first at Ledore Parlor; zoom in through a gray sign on the right side of Guy's shop; Talk to Aldus; tap to open the rusted green-color metal box.
It's no doubt an antique pot, but the design appeals to modern tastes.
Knobbly Cane Carnival Arcade Must have visited Ledore Parlor first; Talk to Aldus again; Zoom in on the wooden box behind/between the trees where you found your first hint coin.
All gnarled and with a rugged handle, this walking stick has no charm at all.
Warped Mirror Madam Lapushka's Boutique Tap the half blue, half brown-color urn in the corner near the boutique's entrance.
This broken mirror twists and warps your reflection. Amusing, isn't it?
Intricate Fishhook City Monument Tap the small bush next to Juggles.
"You can't be too careful." Definitely the motto for this finicky fishhook.
Trick Paint Dromedary Plaza Zoom in on the camel's legs on the hotel's sign; Tap the left building's top window.
Faulty paint that changes color with temperature. Interesting.
Muffled Record Dromedary Lobby Tap the right top of the second drawer behind a bush-planted room divider.
The recording is so quiet it seems to fade away as you listen.
Captured Queen Ledore Parlor Tap the left-side throw pillow/cushion on the couch.
The keystone chess piece, captured by an opposing bishop after a blunder.
Tiny Fountain Pen Classroom Tap the school desk on the left side of the classroom. (Notice: It can only be found in the day time)
A miniature fountain pen crafted in minute detail. It's difficult to use, though.
Crayon Drawing Hershel's Room Open the cabinet in the bookshelf; Tap the rolled-up papers.
A crayon sketch of my parents from my youth. I never could throw it away.
Fluorescent Honey Market Street Tap the green vegetables in the stall on the left.
Its vivid colors look suspect, but it is in fact delicious and highly nutritious.
Triumphant Emblem Academy Gate Tap the clock set in the top of the academy tower.
Precious few could wear this emblem with the pride and dignity it merits.
Feeble Lamp Edge of Town Tap the hanging lantern at the top of the screen.
Giving off no more light than a match, this lantern provides little comfort.
Alarm Clock Layton's Room Tap the lamp between the two hotel beds.
Its loud alarm allows no rest for those still in dreamland.
Weighted Scales Henry's Study Tap the brown vase atop the hearth on the left.
These scales can't make any useful judgments with those uneven parts.
Glossy Scarf Montsarton Gallery Zoom in on the left archway of the gallery; Tap the hand-shaped art on the right.
A beautiful scarf for a special day. Who knows when that might be...
Beloved Diary Dalston Mansion Tap the background cactus on the far left side.
It's filled with somebody's memories. Some of the anecdotes are...colorful.
Ferocious Beast Big Top Tap the gold emblem above Maurice's cage.
A stuffed-tiger toy sold at the circus. It might pounce at any moment!
Shimmering Lens Randall's Room Tap the box under the stairs next to the green vase.
This unusual lens makes unremarkable scenes wave and shimmer like magic.
Canned Lunch Winding Road Tap the bush at the bottom left corner.
The latest fast food innovation: lunch in a tin! The menu changes daily too.
Booby Prize Racetrack Entrance Zoom in on the two horse heads above the archway; Tap the windows on the right side tower.
Why are prizes only for winners? This odd little trophy upends convention.
Generous Slot Machine Casino Zoom in on the top half of the pillar; Tap the row of slot machines on the right.
You'll hit the jackpot every time...But it won't make you any richer.
Ghost Husk Pumpkin Spinners Tap the top of the dead tree in the middle of the Pumpkin Spinners attraction.
A skin shed by a ghost?! Its existence is baffling, but it has a certain appeal.
Lucky Ticket Carousel Tap the foot of the table at the bottom right corner of the area.
A winning ticket for a raffle with rich sponsors. Sadly, it expired long ago.
Tumbler Clown Topsy Tower Tap the roof of the tower in the center.
A toy clown with unusual charm. If you knock it over, it'll bounce right back up!
Hieroglyph Relic Ruins of Akbadain: Level B2, Chamber Room 2 Walk up to the glowing/shining spot behind a wall and dig it.
Found in the Akbadain ruins. The penmanship is impressive.
Whispering Seashell Ruins of Akbadain: Level B3, Chamber Room 3 Solve the chamber's first puzzle and/or the puzzle, Totem Tumbler; Dig the glowing/shining spot at the far left-bottom of the area. (Notice: Must not to be confuse with the other glowing/shining spots that had contained a hint coin and the puzzle, Ancient Artistry.)
Found in the Akbadain ruins. Hold it to your ear to hear the whispering sea.
Lustrous Crystal Ruins of Akbadain: Level B5, Chamber Room 3 Push the boulder at the top left of the area down towards the crystal on the second left; Walk around or dig the other glowing/shining spots containing hint coins; Dig the glowing/shining spot at far right of the area.
Found in the Akbadain ruins. Filled with a world of light and color.
Dobey-Dobey Doll Ruins of Akbadain: Level B6, Chamber Room 7 Solve the puzzle, Tilt to Traverse; Walk all the way to the left of the path and dig the glowing/shining spot at the bottom left of the area.
Found in the Akbadain ruins. It's a fairly coarse smiling doll made of clay.
Mineral Nugget Ruins of Akbadain: Level B7, Chamber Room 4 Solve the puzzle in the Puzzle Chamber 10; Solve the "mini-puzzle" with the boulders, which will result with one of them knocking down the two crystals on the top and bottom right of the row of crystals surrounding the four glowing/shining spots; Dig the top right glowing/shining spot.
Found in the Akbadain ruins. It's a nugget made up of various minerals.
Paradox Cuff Link Reunion Inn Zoom in on top half of the tall tower in the center; Tap the roof of that same tower.
An artistic piece expressing the ironies and anguish of the modern era.
Wooden Chap Ruby Suite Tap the pot containing a plant (Notice: It will automatically moved aside and then moved back to its position).
What are the origins of this sculpture? Who made it, and why? No one knows.
Teardrop Bud Conservatory Tap the bush (with a bunch of light green leaves sticking out) on the left beside the left-most tree.
This droopy flower resembles a teardrop on the verge of falling.
Noon Glory Ledore Mansion Garden Must visit Henry's Study again; Talk with Angela, Henry, and Mrs. Ascot; Walk outside to the Ledore Mansion Garden; Tap the greenhouse on the right. (Notice: It can only be found in the day time)
A fruit that can only be gathered by day. It's juicy, sweet, and has a floral bouquet.
Dusk Star One-Ring Circus Tap the bush at the base of the two palm trees. (Notice: It can only be found at night time)
Found only in the deep dark of night. Handle with care--it hates sunlight!
Stealth Balloon Carnival Arcade Must have solve the puzzle, Stumble's Balloons 2; Tap the left side bush inside a greenery box in front of the light-up window of the right side shop.
Its surface was designed to absorb light. Remarkably hard to see by day.
Desert Hoofprint Dromedary Lobby Speak to Pascal to get the puzzle, Wonky Wiring; After solving the puzzle, speak to Pascal again until he talks about the hotel's complimentary gift; Tap the magenta/purple color chest-shaped luggage that is next to a brown chest on the wardrobe behind the front desk and beside Pascal's head in the background.
This ornament represents a camel's hoofprint. It's the perfect souvenir.
Grandiose Diorama Dalston Parlor After finishing the entire game, watched the ending scenes, and after viewing the credits; Save your game and then load your game again; Go all the way to Dalston Mansion and enter Dalston Parlor; Tap the door at the bottom of the bookshelf in left side of the room.
A scale model of Dalston's estate. Its stone-castle design suits him well.
Borrowed Shovel Office Tap the large chest-shaped bag beside the desk.
My best friend gave me this shovel. It reminds me of the trials we overcame.
Enigma Coin Dromedary Plaza Must have started Chapter 7: The Reunion Inn; Leave Layton's room and go straight outside to Dromedary Plaza; Tap the parrot flying back and forth of the area. (Notice: If you missed your chance and the parrot leaves the area, do not worry as the parrot will come back from the other direction)
It looks a bit like a hint coin, but it's not. And what does the letter stand for?
Last Jigsaw Piece Auditorium Tap the bottom of the bookshelf.
A lone jigsaw piece. You never realize a piece is missing until the end.

Azran Legacy CollectionEdit

This time around, the collectible items can be found all over the world and also as rewards for doing challenges. In total, 40 items can be collected.

Locations Edit

Locations of Collection items
Name Location How to Obtain
Familiar Relief Kodh Station Talk to Moos first after solving Puzzle 13; zoom in through the locomotive station; Talk to Aldus; tap the smoke stack.
A familiar sight among archaeologists, this relief turns up at almost every dig.
Multipurpose Parabrella Hilltop Lookout Tap the broken tree trunk on the right side of the screen.
This handy tool can act as both a parasol and an umbrella - ideal for a cloudy day.
Fragile Anchor Lake Kodh Tap the top of the broken pillar on the left side of the screen.
This anchor doesn't quite look as if it could keep a ship securely in place.
Miniature Laytonmobile Layton's Office Tap the box on the left on top of the bookshelf.
A toy car in the shape of my beloved Laytonmobile. A true gentleman's vehicle.
Worn Bracelet Museum Grounds Tap the bench on the right side of the screen.
An accessory rumoured to bring courage. It once belonged to a brave leader.
Blissful Boot London Aerodrome Tap the yellow luggage cart.
Though fit only for one foot, words cannot do justice to this boot's level of comfort.
Confusing Stamp Archives Tap the box on top of the far left bookshelf.
A stamp that produces a different pattern every time. A rather unsettling item.
Still-Warm Scarf The igloo at Froenborg South Gate Zoom in at the igloo on the right side of the screen, tap the box next to Donna.
A symbol of friendship, a gift from our most cheery friend. It is still a little warm.
Unbelievable Boomerang Village Path Tap the half broken pot with a cricket on top of it.
It always returns to its thrower's hand, no matter how big or improbable the arc.
Admiral Tie Chief's House Tap the string of yellow coconuts (Puzzle 49 reveals what are those fruits) on the left side of the screen.
The butterfly's wings flutter gently, deceiving the eyes of any onlooker.
Magic Beans Jungle Waterfall Tap the tree roots on the top left of the screen.
Rumour has it that these beans grow into sprawling plants in the space of a night.
Counterfeit Coral Coconut Beach Tap the shell in front of the message bottle.
Though soon denounced by any expert, this appears flawless to the untrained eye.
Bashful Sunflower Beachside Walkway Tap the flower bed on the house in the middle.
This healthy plant runs contrary to the laws of nature by turning away from the sun.
My Planet Kit Hiltop Hotel Lounge Tap the ceiling fan on the top left of the screen.
This kit is apparently the first step to creating your own model solar system.
Mischievous Nut Saloon Tap the cooking pot in the far left side of the screen.
This crunchy, aromatic nut has a playful face poking out of its shell.
Rough-and-Ready Dice Ruby's House Tap the spools of thread basket.
These rather annoying dice are guaranteed never to land where you'd like them to.
Safety Hammer Watering Trough Tap the bouquet of plants under the shelf of bushes on the left side of the screen.
This hammer values user safety to such an extent that it is actually totally useless.
Tremendous Trumpet Miller's Square Tap the bird nest on a ledge on the wind mill.
A dazzlingly bright and colourful trumpet that sadly produces a dreadful noise.
Quickest Hourglass The Dragonlord's Altar Tap the two rocks on the left side of the screen.
The sand in this hourglass takes three seconds to fall. Time's up!
Melodious Trinket Phoenix Square Tap the square-shaped window on the house on the right.
A curious box which plays a soothing lullaby... A music box, to be precise.
Slapdash Sculpture Phoenix's Rest Tap the top of the pillar on the left.
This statuette serves as a reminder that not all sculptures are works of art.
Magnificent Candle Mosinnia Temple Tap the window on the top left side.
A magnificent candle that will burn for three weeks without spilling any wax.
Useless Submarine Boris's Hut Read World Times: A Prehistoric Visitor?, talk to Boris, go inside his hut, and then tap the ship's wheel on the wall.
A leaky submarine whose design is more impressive than its performance.
Odourless Rafflesia Tree Trunk Bridge Tap the rafflesia laying on a tree on the left side of the screen.
A mutation has caused this flower to lose its stench, but with it, its individuality.
Lucky Popoño Bud's Bar & Grill Read World Times: Restaurateur Revels in Accolade!, Talk to Bud, and then tap the wine barrel on the counter.
The popoño is regarded as a symbol of happiness, but green ones are for luck.
Retro Flying Saucer Research Lab B Tap the box with a stack of paper on it.
Many people will think back fondly to the times these toys were first released.
Lonely Friend Abandoned Mine Read World Times: Vet Asked to Deal with Wild Wolf!, zoom in on the rock holes full of flowing water on the right side of the screen, Talk to Ruby and Old Red, go to Patched Creek, return to the Abandoned Mine and zoom in again, talk to Ruby and Old Red again, and then tap the rock on the ground on the left side of the screen.
This would appear to be one of a pair, though its partner is nowhere to be seen...
Sturdy Snowman Frossen Bridge Tap the tower on the building at the middle of the bridge.
A masterpiece in snow sculpture. No impact could possibly make it crumble.
Pocket Windmill Julien's Windmill Read World Times: A Bumper Feast for Hoogland!, talk to Julien and Romilda, and then tap the chest on the right side of the screen.
Despite its size, this replica performs all the functions of a fully-sized windmill.
Icicle à la Mode The Melted Snowflake Tap the green menu chalkboard on the left.
This exciting new dessert from Froenborg contains cream, fruit, and a real icicle.
Burnt-Out Phoenix Umid's House Read World Times: Insomnia in Mosinnia?, go to Umid's House, talk to Umid and his mother, Banu, and then tap the phoenix statue on the bookshelf on the right side of the screen.
Despite its name, the phoenix depicted in this statue is full of vigour.
Sticky Seven-Pin Wylie Street Tap the rusty-colored vehicle near Mackintosh.
This bowling pin is toppled rarely, if ever. Fine craftsmanship, but very annoying.
Mysterious Remote Airship Bridge Tap the machine on the left side of the screen.
A number of precautions are listed on it, but no one knows what it operates.
Midnight Knight Upper Obsidian Tower Tap the potted plant on a table on the left side of the screen.
This knight only reveals his true power at night, rather like a nocturnal creature.
Ferocious Beast Bronev's Office Examine the circle artwork on the floor and then tap the crystal skull.
A fearsome beast with glowering eyes and sharp fangs. Apparently a herbivore.
Essence of Everything Sanctuary Outer Gate Tap the stalactite on the far left side of the screen.
A suspicious-looking concoction made from a variety of distilled liquids. Hmm.
The Repenter Sanctuary Inner Gate Tap the icicle near the unicorn horn-shaped rock.
An object so steeped in regret that its sculptor regrets ever having made it.
Captivating Cube Chamber of Water Tap the torch on the left side of the screen.
A profoundly mysterious cube, constantly ablaze with a captivating light.
Thirteenth Eye Chamber of Fire Tap the chest of the statue on the left side of the screen.
This charm is infused with good wishes for travellers, yet it remains rather eerie...'
Mini Bostonius The Challenges' Rewards section Use 3 Reward Points to receive this item.
This replica of the Bostonius seems to lure us to even greater adventure.
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