The daily puzzle delivery system is a gameplay element in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. If the player has access to wi-fi, they can download puzzles daily for a year.

There are 365 Daily Puzzles that the player can download. A meter of one through five determines the puzzle's difficulty rating with one being the easiest and five being most difficult puzzles. In addition, each of the twenty different puzzle types offered in the system have their own respective difficulties in how to solve the puzzles.

Downloading a Puzzle Edit

The player can download the Daily Puzzles by using Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. The Daily Puzzle button on the Bonuses page grants the player access to the system. Here, the player will be able to push the lime green "download" button. Once pushed, the screen shows a letter flying into Professor Layton's mailbox. After the game is fully loaded, all previous Daily Puzzles are given to the player. From then, each time the player downloads a new puzzle, it will give them the latest puzzle(s) they have yet to acquire. Since the game's initial release date, one new puzzle has been sent out to be able to be downloaded.

Types of Puzzles Edit

There are twenty different types of puzzles offered in the system.

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