Dawson is a character appearing in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. He owns and is always found in the antique shop near the south side of Folsense. He is one of the many characters Professor Layton and Luke give tea to. Also he offers a number of puzzles. Professor Layton and Luke ask him if he knows anything about the past and other information about Folsense. Unfortunately, he does not know much more than Layton by the time they arrive in town. He does, however, direct Layton and Luke to the Herzen Museum located in the middle of town.


Dawson is found inside the antique shop in Folsense. He gives Layton and Luke a few puzzles to solve during the time they are in town. These puzzles are "Numbered Cards", and "The Ancient Map".


Dawson runs the antique shop in town and gets most excited over items with historical meaning or personal stories to them. Items whose only significance is their monetary value aren't very impressive to him.

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