Deputy Commissioner Chan was the Deputy Commissioner of Scotland Yard. He worked under the Commissioner and at one point conversed with Lucy Baker about her being assigned to a new office.

Plot Edit

The Deputy Commissioner scolded Lucy for not paying attention to him talking while she was staring out the window to enjoy the view. When Lucy explained the sunshine must be a good omen to her first day, he reminded her she was sent to a back-office. He remarked that he would be unsurprised if the office closed down tomorrow but Lucy ignored him discouraging her since the office was the place the difficult cases were sent to.

The Commissioner came by and advised Lucy not to listen to the Deputy Commissioner putting her off. Lucy thanked the Commissioner but the Deputy Commissioner reminded her of her poor exam results so she had to work harder to prove herself. After Lucy left to introduce herself to the inspector she was assigned under, the Deputy Commissioner asked the Commissioner if he really made the right decision as the inspector was apparently unstable and could harm her. The Commissioner assured him that despite his faults, they must have faith in Alfendi Layton.

At one occasion when the Commissioner was having dinner, the Deputy Commissioner served as a cook and brought the Commissioner food.

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