Detective Inspector Leonard Bloom is a minor character appearing in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, and Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. He works at Scotland Yard, alongside Detective Inspector Delmont and Inspector Clamp Grosky, as well as being a double agent for the Targent agency, reporting to Leon Bronev. In Miracle Mask, he was sent to Monte d'Or together with Inspector Grosky to investigate the Masked Gentleman case, but was actually conspiring with "Commander" Bronev, promising to uncover the city's secrets. Rumor had that Bloom fled Monte d'Or during the "final miracle", only to return unscathed in Azran Legacy, still working as a Targent spy.



Bloom has tan skin, platinum-white hair, and black eyes. He wears a purple shirt under a green jacket, with dark-gray pants and green shoes. He is also quite thin.


Leonard Bloom is described as a calm and orderly person, emphasizing his ability to remain focused on the task at hand. Bloom is mentally intelligent well beyond his years, already taking charge of the Monte d'Or's task force alongside Inspector Grosky. He is apparently on the same educational level as Layton, since Bloom was one of the first people to suspect the Masked Gentleman's miracles as nothing more than elaborate tricks. Detective Bloom's overall persona is still a mystery, except for the fact that he is both resourceful and loyal. Bloom is also cunning and somewhat patient, especially when dealing with Chief Inspector Sheffield. He is also extremely observant of other people; Bloom knew that letting Professor Layton solve the mystery of Monte d'Or would not only help him achieve his own goals, but also put his agency's agenda in jeopardy.


  • In the Italian version of Azran Legacy he is called Leonard Bloom, but later, in the same game, he is called Ralph Bloom.



Miracle MaskEdit

US Version

Detective Bloom is a young prodigy sent by Scotland Yard. Though he seemed to be aiding the investigation, he was actually hoping that Layton would lead him to the Mask of Order.

UK Version

Detective Bloom is a young prodigy sent by Scotland Yard. Though he seemed to be aiding the investigation, his true purpose was to have Layton lead him to the Mask of Order. He follows his order unwaveringly, no matter the deed.

Azran LegacyEdit

Leonard Bloom was quite the prodigy when he joined Scotland Yard, and he rose through the ranks quickly. Sadly, talent is no measure of integrity, and his true loyalties lay with Targent all along. Or at least they did...until he ended up in jail and the intelligence services offered him a deal.

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