Not to be confused with the character from the fifth game.

Doug Scowers is the older brother of Dustin Scowers and was a archaeology student studying under Professor Archie O'Logie. He was with O'Logie before he was murdered later so he was one of the four suspects of the case. His age is 28.


Doug was invited to an archaeology expedition of the South American jungle by his teacher. During the expedition, they traveled to a village and gained the help of a local named Chico Careta. At an excavation site, they found many artifacts, including a cracked stone idol. As they needed a place to store their finds, the hotel owner Micah Sasucasa offered them his storage hut as an option. To celebrate their success, Dug and O'Logie was offered liquor by Careta.


Doug soon started to drink too much and fell asleep outside of the hut. He was later found by Sasucasa and a hotel employee named Mariana Etista when they investigated the hut after a weird call from O'Logie. They found that inside the hut was the corpse of O'Logie with an axe lodged to his head and to their amazement started walking towards them. The corpse knocked down the bottle of liquor Doug drank and soon collapsed near the door.

When O'Logie's murder was being investigated, Doug was woken up by an officer and couldn't remember the events of the night of the murder nor the whereabouts of the missing stone idol. He was detained as the prime suspect of the case. Half a year later, his brother, Dustin Scowers, was asked by him to help him as he claimed he saw a walking corpse. As requested, Dustin asked the Mystery Room to investigate the case to help his detained brother.

The prime suspect soon turned out to be Careta, who killed O'Logie because of Etista convincing him to due to him believing in demons. Careta killed O'Logie with the axe after getting them O'Logie and his student drunk and hid in the hut using signs tall enough to cover a person. The walking corpse that was spotted was moved using fishing lines. Careta was soon detained for questioning so Doug was no longer detained by the police. He told his brother to thank Inspector Alfendi Layton for solving the case although the inspector was unconscious so Dustin told Lucy Baker to thank the inspector on Doug's behalf.


  • His first name has the same pronunciation as the word "dug", referring to him being an archaeology student.
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