Dr. Schrader's Flat is a location featured in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.

The building is not owned by Dr. Schrader, but it is an apartment building where Dr. Schrader lives. Professor Layton and Luke visit the place after receiving a letter from Dr. Andrew Schrader detailing that he is in possession of the rare antiquity known as the Elysian Box. Layton and Luke venture off to the building by using the Laytonmobile from Gressenheller University.


Upon entering Dr. Schrader's room, Layton and Luke find Dr. Schrader lying on the ground. He is presumed dead. Layton and Luke call the authorities and soon after, Inspector Chelmey enters and searches the scene. Layton finds a train ticket on the ground and takes it, wondering what it was to be used for. He tells Luke not to talk about it, and then Chelmey notices that a torn up photograph and confiscates it as evidence. After a brilliant deduction of Luke, Layton and Chelmey notice the escape route of the murderer. There is a sheet-like clothe tied to the window, leading to a different building. After their meeting with the inspector, Layton and Luke set off for the Molentary Express, the train the ticket was for.


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