Dress Up is a minigame in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. The objective is to provide fashion advice to various characters throughout the game. You do this by picking the right set of clothes until all conditions are met. One female at each location visited will ask Luke to provide them with an outfit. When finished, Luke will then present the outfit, which will then get a rating and advice if it isn't what was asked for.

Ratings are "Oh dear" for outfits that are completely wrong, "Not bad" for ones that are close, and "Fabulous!" for the ones the women asked for.

This is the first minigame the player recieves, by talking to Prima and Donna and solving their puzzle.

Fashion CatalogEdit

Articles of clothing can be acquired by solving puzzles. There are five types: Hat, Top, Bottoms, Shoes, and Other, with eight items in each section, for a total of 40 clothes to be found.

There are also categories where the item falls under. Cute, Trendy, Formal, Casual and Glam. Each category is rated from half a star(minimum) to five stars (maximum). Each case will have a certain style they are looking for, which falls under these categories. When looking at the catalog, it will show a blue column for how much it takes away, and a pink column for how much it adds.

There are also colors that may be specifically requested: Brown, White, Blue, Pink, and Yellow.


Name Color Description Cute Trendy Formal Casual Glam Puzzle Received
Schoolboy Cap
A sturdy hat to protect even the most academic of noggins. + ½ Embroidery Enigma
Bear Hood
Headwear so cute you can bear-ly believe it. + ★ + ½ Embroidery Enigma
Tiny Top Hat
Handmade by a certain professor's biggest fan. + ★ ½ + ★ ★ Funky Hooks
Lightweight Helmet
A helmet so light, it feels like you're wearing nothing at all! + ★ ½
Radiant Faux-Fur Hat
Never go unnoticed again with this fur-tastically bright hat. + ★ ½ + ★ ½ Fuel's Errand
White-Rose Veil
A beautiful headpiece, perfect for a special occasion! + ★
Party Crown
Elegant headwear for the princess at heart. + ★
Cat Ears Headband
Cuter than a bundle of kittens in a basket! + ½ - ★


Name Color Description Cute Trendy Formal Casual Glam Puzzle Received
Attractive Halter-Neck
This pretty top will turn heads at any social gathering! + ★ Embroidery Enigma
Dancer's Top
The bell sleeves on this top just make you want to dance! + ★ + ★ Embroidery Enigma
Snow-White Jacket
Proof positive you don't have to be cold to be cool. + ★ ½ Mutiny!
Sunflower Jacket
Bring the warmth of summer to the dreariest of weather. + ★ Finding Ambrosia
Striped V-Neck
Be extra careful washing this standout shirt. + ½ Shopping Spree
Sensible Coat
Lighter than it looks! A safe but sophisticated choice. + ★ - ★
Popular Polo Shirt
Be ready for anything with this popular wardrobe staple. - ½ + ½

+ ★ ★

Luxurious Blouse
Even top celebs have been spotted in this tailor-made top! + ★ + ★ ½ + ★ ½


Name Color Description Cute Trendy Formal Casual Glam Puzzle Received
Baby-Blue Culottes
A colour so soothing you may just fall...asleep... Zzzz... + ½ Embroidery Enigma
Diva Skirt
Tone-deaf? Wear this skirt and be pitch perfect in an instant! + ½ + ½ Embroidery Enigma
Fluttery Maxi Skirt
It only takes a little breeze to get this skirt all of a flutter. + ★ Boat to Boat
Belted Bell-Bottoms
Fitted bell-bottoms that will spring in anyone's step! + ★ ½ + ½
Comfy Tracksuit Bottoms
Snug yet stylish: a girl's best friend this season! + ½ + ★ ★
Super-Trendy Trousers
These stylish slacks have strolled straight off the catwalk! + ★ + ★ ½ Fuel's Errand 2
Skinny Jeans
Turn a frown upside down with these patterned jeans! + ★ ½
Fabulous Miniskirt
Be pretty in pink with this super-feminine skirt! + ★ 


Name Color Description Cute Trendy Formal Casual Glam Puzzle Received
Sturdy Shoes
These boots really were made for walking...and walking... + ½ - ½ Embroidery Enigma
Bunny Slippers
Slippers inspired by the designer's twin pet bunnies. + ★ ★ Embroidery Enigma
Special Boots
Best kept for special occasions, like fine china! + ½ A Dog of Tiles
Chic Loafers
Just the thing to add a touch of refinement to an outfit. + ½ + ½ Fake Fragments
Glamorous Heels
Perfect heels for a more high-class sort of function. + ½ + ½ Shopping Spree
Sporty Trainers
Trainers that boost fitness motivation by 143% (approx.). + ★ + ★ - ★
Designer Pumps
These designer shoes are must-haves for this season! + ½
Dazzling Ballet Slippers
Ballet Shoes too bright to look at with the naked eye. + ★ - ½ + ★ ½


Name Color Description Cute Trendy Formal Casual Glam Puzzle Received
Simple Scarf
A low-key muffler perfect for the casual fashionista. + ★ Embroidery Enigma
Cat Eye Glasses
Pearl-studded glasses perfect for a gorgeous dame.

+ ½

+ ★ ½ + ★ ★ ½ Embroidery Enigma
Angel Wings
Fly away to cloud nine with this celestial accessory. + ★
Knockout Gloves
Watch out! These gloves pack a real punch! + ½ + ½
Fluffy Bag
Fluffy on the outside AND on the inside! Fluff-tacular! + ★ Strawberry Sharer
Rod of Truth
Perfect to bring a little fun t the most serious situation. - ★ + ★
Windswept Cloak
A majestic life calls for the most majestic of cloaks. + ★ ★ + ★ ½ + ★ ½
Travel Trunk
Go anywhere, do anything - and take everything with you! + ★ ½ - ½


Solutions are hidden.

# Name Location Requirements Puzzle Received
1 Prima Froenborg Cute:  ★ ★ ★ ★ or more Embroidery Enigma
2 Sonya Kodh

Trendy:  ★ ★ ★ ★ or more

Nothing  Pink

Pretty Paper Petals
3 Brenda London

Formal:  ★ ★ ★ or more

Glam:  ★ ★ ★ or more

Something yellow

Mutual Meeting Place
4 Amanita Phong Gi

Cute:  ★ ★ ★ ★ exactly

Casual:  ★ ★ ★ or more

Piglet Racing
5 Miranda San Grio

Casual:  ★ ★ or fewer

Glam: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ exactly

Something  white

Very Specific Scoops
6 Scarlett Torrido

Nothing cute

Formal: ★ ★ ★ ★ or more

Glam:  ★ ★ or more

 White and  blue colors

Burger Building
7 Beatrix Hoogland

Trendy: ★ ★ or more

Formal: ★ ★ or more

Casual:  ★ ★ ★ ★ or more

Something  brown

Pampering Your Pets
8 Mehri Mosinnia

★ ★ ★ all round

Use all five colors

A nice long skirt

Moonlight, Starlight


# Name Hat Top Bottoms Shoes Other
1 Prima Cat Ears Headband Sunflower Jacket Fabulous Skirt Designer Pumps Fluffy Bag
2 Sonya Schoolboy Cap Snow-White Jacket Baby-Blue Culottes Special Boots Simple Scarf
3 Brenda Tiny Top Hat Attractive Halter-Neck Diva Skirt Chic Loafers Angel Wings
4 Amanita Bear Hood Striped V-Neck Comfy Tracksuit Bottoms Bunny Slippers Knockout Gloves
5 Miranda Party Crown Sensible Coat Super-Trendy Trousers Sturdy Shoes Cat Eye Glasses
6 Scarlett White-Rose Veil Dancer's Top Belted Bell-Bottoms Glamorous Heels Rod of Truth
7 Beatrix Lightweight Helmet Popular Polo Shirt Skinny Jeans Sporty Trainers Travel Trunk
8 Mehri Radiant Faux-Fur Hat Luxurious Blouse Fluttery Maxi Skirt Dazzling Ballet Shoes Windswept Cloak

Solutions GalleryEdit

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